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2008 ACC Paper Abstract


Paper FrC18.4

Pepe, Pierdomenico (University of L' Aquila)

ISS Control Laws for Retarded Stabilizable Systems by Means of the Liapunov-Razumikhin Methodology

Scheduled for presentation during the Lecture Session "Delay Systems II" (FrC18), Friday, June 13, 2008, 17:00−17:20, Vashon I

2008 American Control Conference, June 11-13, 2008, Westin Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Keywords Delay systems, Nonlinear systems, Stability of nonlinear systems


A disturbance adding to the control law is a typical situation in practice because of actuator errors. In this paper, state feedback control laws which provide input-to-state stability of the closed loop system with respect to a disturbance adding to the control law are investigated for state feedback stabilizable (in the case of disturbance equal to zero) retarded nonlinear systems. The formulas for the input-to-state stabilizing state feedback control law are provided by employing the Liapunov-Razumikhin methodology. An example taken from the past literature is investigated in details, showing the effectiveness and the applicability of the proposed control design.



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