CCTA 2019

2019 IEEE Conference on
Control Technology and Applications

August 19-21, 2019
Hong Kong, China

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Technical Program for Monday August 19, 2019

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MoPAL Lau, Wong Hall
Plenary Lecture: Miroslav Krstic Plenary Session
Chair: Smith, Roy S.ETH Zurich
Co-Chair: Chen, XiangUniversity of Windsor
09:00-10:00, Paper MoPAL.1 
Regulation-Triggered Batch Learning: A New Hope for Applied Adaptive Control
Krstic, MiroslavUniversity of California, San Diego
MoA1 Lau, 5-203
Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles Regular Session
Chair: Kalabic, Uros V.Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
Co-Chair: Farrell, Jay A.University of California Riverside
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA1.1 
Intention-Aware Supervisory Control with Driving Safety Applications
Sahin, Yunus EmreUniversity of Michigan
Liu, ZexiangUniversity of Michigan
Rutledge, KwesiUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Panagou, DimitraUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Yong, Sze ZhengArizona State University
Ozay, NecmiyeUniv. of Michigan
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA1.2 
A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based Virtual Driver for High Performance Driving
Bruschetta, MattiaUniversity of Padova
Picotti, EnricoUniversity of Padua
Mion, EnricoUniversità Di Padova
Chen, YutaoEindhoven University of Technology
Beghi, AlessandroUniversita Di Padova
Minen, DiegoVI-Grade Srl
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA1.3 
Cascaded Velocity Estimation with Adaptive Complementary Filtering: Implementation on a FIAIWM EGV
Cao, MingcongSoutheast University
Wang, JinxiangSoutheast University
Wang, RongrongShanghai Jiao Tong University
Wang, JunminUniversity of Texas at Austin
Chen, NanSoutheast University
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA1.4 
Smooth Transitions in Shared Control Using Constraint-Admissible Sets
Kalabic, Uros V.Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
Di Cairano, StefanoMitsubishi Electric Research Labs
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA1.5 
Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed (ECEF) Vehicle State Estimation Performance
Rahman, FarzanaUniversity of California, Riverside
Farrell, Jay A.University of California Riverside
12:10-12:30, Paper MoA1.6 
Optimal Vehicle Dynamics and Powertrain Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles
Zhao, LiuhuiUniversity of Delaware
Mahbub, A M IshtiaqueUniversity of Delaware
Malikopoulos, Andreas A.University of Delaware
MoA2 Lau, 6-209
Robotics Regular Session
Chair: Fuchs, Zachariah E.University of Cincinnati
Co-Chair: Nonaka, KenichiroTokyo City University
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA2.1 
Nonlinear System Identification and State Estimation in a Pneumatic Based Soft Continuum Robot
Loo, Junn YongMonash University
Kong, Kah ChunMonash University Malaysia
Tan, Chee PinMonash University Malaysia
Nurzaman, Surya GirinathaMonash University
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA2.2 
Real-Time Time-Varying Surface Reconstruction and Edge Point Extraction for Bucket Wheel Reclaimers
Billah, Mohammad SaadUniversity of California, Riverside
Farrell, Jay A.University of California Riverside
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA2.3 
Dynamic Inversion Based Navigation Algorithm for Furrow-Traversing Autonomous Crop Rover
Hammer, JeffreyUniversity of St. Thomas
Xu, ChongUniversity of St. Thomas
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA2.4 
Model Predictive Obstacle Avoidance Control Suppressing Expectation of Relative Velocity against Obstacles
Shibata, KojiTokyo City University
Nonaka, KenichiroTokyo City University
Sekiguchi, KazumaTokyo City University
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA2.5 
Optimal Turn-Constrained Intercept Strategies from the Target's Turn Circle
Fuchs, Zachariah E.University of Cincinnati
Androulakakis, PavlosUniversity of Cincinnati
12:10-12:30, Paper MoA2.6 
Modeling Pointing Tasks in Human-Blimp Interactions
Hou, MengxueGeorgia Institute of Technology
Tao, QiuyangGeorgia Institute of Technology
Varnell, PaulGeorgia Institute of Technology
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Institute of Technology
MoA3 Lau, 5-205
Power and Energy Systems Regular Session
Chair: Ohta, YoshitoKyoto University
Co-Chair: Zlotnik, AnatolyLos Alamos National Laboratory
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA3.1 
Impact of Battery Degradation on Lifetime Ranges of Electric Aircraft and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
Paek, Sung WookSamsung SDI
Kim, SangtaeKorea Institute of Science and Technology
Rayappan, Christober Vinoth RajSamsung SDI
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA3.2 
Co-Optimization of Transmission Switching and Variable Reactance Devices Control under Worst-Case Wind Uncertainty
Nikoobakht, AhmadHigher Education Center of Eghlid
Aghaei, JamshidShiraz University of Technology
Lotfi, MohamedINESC TEC
Osório, GerardoUniversity of Beira Interio
Shafie-khah, MiadrezaC-MAST/UBI
Catalao, JoaoUniv. Porto
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA3.3 
Input-Output Properties of the Power Grid's Swing Dynamics: Dependence on Network Parameters
Koorehdavoudi, KasraWashington State University
Roy, SandipWashington State University
Prevost, ThibaultRTE
Xavier, FlorentRTE, French TSO
Panciatici, PatrickRTE
Venkatasubramanian, VaithiananthanWashington State University
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA3.4 
Disturbance and State Estimation in Partially Known Power Networks
Abooshahab, Mohammad AliNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Hovd, MortenNorwegian Univ of Sci & Tech
Bitmead, Robert R.University of California San Diego
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA3.5 
Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation for Natural Gas Networks Using Real Pipeline System Data
Sundar, KaarthikLos Alamos National Laboratory
Zlotnik, AnatolyLos Alamos National Laboratory
12:10-12:30, Paper MoA3.6 
The DC-DC Zeta Converter Hybrid Control Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
Sarkawi, HafezKyoto University
Ohta, YoshitoKyoto University
MoA4 Lau, 6-211
Learning Applications Regular Session
Chair: Vermillion, ChristopherNorth Carolina State University
Co-Chair: Jagannathan, SarangapaniMissouri Univ of Science & Tech
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA4.1 
Sensor Fault Diagnosis of Multi-Zone HVAC Systems Using Auto-Associative Neural Network
Elnour, MariamQatar University
Meskin, NaderQatar University
Alnaemi, MohammedQatar Univeristy
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA4.2 
No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Algorithm Based on Features on DCT Domain
Liu, TianWuhan University of Science and Technology
Sheng, YuxiaWuhan University of Science and Technology
Chai, LiWuhan University of Science and Technology
Zhang, JingxinSwinburne University of Technology
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA4.3 
Recursive Gaussian Process-Based Adaptive Control: Theoretical Framework and Application to an Airborne Wind Energy System
Deese, JosephUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Vermillion, ChristopherNorth Carolina State University
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA4.4 
Feedback Control for Online Training of Neural Networks
Zhao, ZilongGIPSA-Lab, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS
Cerf, SophieGIPSA-lab/CNRS
Robu, BogdanGrenoble Alpes University, GIPSA-Lab
Marchand, NicolasGIPSA-lab/CNRS
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA4.5 
Domain Adaptation Based Fault Detection in Label Imbalanced Cyberphysical Systems
Taskazan, BegumNortheastern University
Miller, JaredNortheastern University
Inyang-Udoh, Uduak, ORensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Camps, Octavia I.Northeastern University
Sznaier, MarioNortheastern University
12:10-12:30, Paper MoA4.6 
Attack Detection in Linear Networked Control Systems by Using Learning Methodology
Niu, HaifengMissouri University of Science and Technology
Sahoo, AvimanyuOklahoma State University
Bhowmick, ChandreyeeMissouri University of Science and Technology
Jagannathan, SarangapaniMissouri Univ of Science & Tech
MoA5 Lau, 5-206
New Developments in Multi-Agent Coordination Invited Session
Chair: Chen, FeiNortheastern University
Co-Chair: Li, ZhongkuiPeking University
Organizer: Chen, FeiNortheastern University
Organizer: Li, ZhongkuiPeking University
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA5.1 
Regional Consensus for Non-ANCBC Systems with Input Saturation (I)
Yu, ZengmingXiamen University
Chen, FeiNortheastern University
Lan, WeiyaoXiamen University
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA5.2 
Distributed Adaptive Disturbance Rejection Control for General Linear Multi-Agent Systems (I)
Huo, YanweiPeking University
Zhao, YuNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Duan, ZhishengPeking University
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA5.3 
Full-Order Sliding Mode Control for Finite-Time Attitude Synchronization of Rigid Spacecraft with Input Delay (I)
Li, YunhanBeijing Institute of Technology
Wang, ChunyanBeijing Institute of Technology
Wang, JiananBeijing Institute of Technology
Gu, ZhouNanjing Forestry University
Shan, JiayuanBeijing Institute of Technology
Song, ZhuoyueBeijing Institute of Technology
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA5.4 
Fully Distributed Event-Based Protocols for Lipschitz Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems (I)
Wu, ZizhenPeking University
Cheng, BinPeking University
Li, ZhongkuiPeking University
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA5.5 
Distributed Algorithm for Solving Linear Algebraic Equations: An Implicit Gradient Neural Network Approach (I)
Wang, PeijunSoutheast University
Yu, WenwuSoutheast University
Wen, GuanghuiRMIT University
12:10-12:30, Paper MoA5.6 
Consensus of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Uncertainties Using Only Position Measurements under a Directed Graph (I)
Guo, ZhenhongHarbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Mei, JieHarbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Ma, GuangfuHarbin Institute of Technology
MoA6 Lau, 6-213
Predictive Control 1 Regular Session
Chair: Chen, XiangUniversity of Windsor
Co-Chair: Gong, XunJilin University
10:30-10:50, Paper MoA6.1 
A Control-Theory Approach for Cluster Autonomic Management: Maximizing Usage While Avoiding Overload
Yabo, Agustín GabrielINRIA
Richard, OlivierUniv. Grenoble Alpes
Bzeznik, BrunoUniv. Grenoble Alpes
Robu, BogdanGrenoble Alpes University, GIPSA-Lab
Rutten, EricINRIA Grenoble - Rhone-Alpes
10:50-11:10, Paper MoA6.2 
Model Predictive Load Frequency Control of a Deregulated Power System with Battery Energy Storage
Ajiborisha, AbidemiUniversity of Sheffield
Trodden, Paul AnthonyUniversity of Sheffield
11:10-11:30, Paper MoA6.3 
Optimal Control Based Reference Generation for Model Predictive Motion Cueing Algorithms
Lamprecht, AlexanderUniversity of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Steffen, DennisDaimler AG
Haecker, JensDaimler AG
Graichen, KnutUniversity Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
11:30-11:50, Paper MoA6.4 
Analysis of Economic Model Predictive Control Parameters Selection in an Integrated Solar Thermal System
Rostam, MohammadrezaUniversity of British Columbia
Nagamune, RyozoUniversity of British Columbia
Grebenyuk, VladimirAscent Systems Technologies
11:50-12:10, Paper MoA6.5 
Model Predictive Control Based Data-Driven Retrofit Controller for Network Systems
Naharudinsyah, IlhamTokyo Institute of Technology
Ishizaki, TakayukiTokyo Institute of Technology
Kawaguchi, TakahiroTokyo Institute of Technology
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Institute of Technology
MoPBL Lau, Wong Hall
Plenary Lecture: Xiaohong Guan Plenary Session
Chair: Ho, Daniel W. C.City Univ. of Hong Kong
Co-Chair: Zheng, Wei XingWestern Sydney University
14:00-15:00, Paper MoPBL.1 
Cyber-Physical Energy Systems and Energy Revolution
Guan, XiaohongXian Jiaotong University
MoC1 Lau, 5-203
Safe and Sustainable Power Conversion for Electric Mobility Tutorial Session
Chair: Ma, LeiSouthwest Jiaotong University
Organizer: Ma, LeiSouthwest Jiaotong University
MoC2 Lau, 6-209
Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems Regular Session
Chair: Moheimani, S.O. RezaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Co-Chair: Chen, XiangUniversity of Windsor
15:30-15:50, Paper MoC2.1 
Closed-Form Solution for the Eigenmodes of Euler-Bernoulli Beams in Pinned-Pinned-Free Configuration
Densborn, SimonUniversity of Stuttgart
Sawodny, OliverUniversity of Stuttgart
15:50-16:10, Paper MoC2.2 
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Piezoelectric AFM Cantilever Array
Coskun, M. BulutThe University of Texas at Dallas
Baan, MarziehUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Alipour, AfshinUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Moheimani, S.O. RezaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
16:10-16:30, Paper MoC2.3 
Tracking Control with Zero Steady-State Error for the Discrete-Time Mass-Spring-Damper System
Feng, LikangShandong University of Science and Technology
Zhang, WeihaiShandong University of Science and Technology
16:30-16:50, Paper MoC2.4 
Twisting Algorithm with Integral Sliding Surface for Positioning of Single-Rod Electrohydraulic Actuator: An LMI Approach
Sangpet, TeerawatKMUTNB
Khamsuwan, PitchaKing Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
Kuntanapreeda, SuwatKing Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
16:50-17:10, Paper MoC2.5 
Results on Active Damping Control of a Thin-Walled Rotating Cylinder with Piezoelectric Patch Actuation and Sensing
Brand, ZivChiang Mai University
Cole, Matthew Owen ThomasChiang Mai University
17:10-17:30, Paper MoC2.6 
Sensorless Field-Oriented Estimation of Hybrid Stepper Motors in High-Performance Paper Handling
Hoang, Tuan DatEindhoven University of Technology
Das, AmritamEindhoven University of Technology
Koekebakker, Sjirk HolgerOcé Technologies B.V
Weiland, SiepEindhoven Univ. of Tech
MoC3 Lau, 5-205
Renewable Energy Systems Regular Session
Chair: Gambier, AdrianFraunhofer IWES
Co-Chair: Vermillion, ChristopherNorth Carolina State University
15:30-15:50, Paper MoC3.1 
Control System Design for a 20 MW Reference Wind Turbine
Gambier, AdrianFraunhofer IWES
Meng, FanzhongFraunhofer IWES
15:50-16:10, Paper MoC3.2 
Centralized Position Optimization of Multiple Agents in Spatiotemporally-Varying Environment: A Case Study with Relocatable Energy-Harvesting Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in the Gulf Stream
Bin-Karim, ShamirUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Muglia, MichaelUnc Coastal Studies Institute
Vermillion, ChristopherNorth Carolina State University
16:10-16:30, Paper MoC3.3 
Non-Linear Model Predictive Control of Wave Energy Converters with Realistic Power Take-Off Configurations and Loss Model
Karthikeyan, AnanthaReVision Consulting
Previsic, MirkoRE Vision Consulting
Scruggs, JeffUniversity of Michigan
Chertok, AllanResolute Marine Energy
16:30-16:50, Paper MoC3.4 
Fractional Sliding Mode Control of Wind Turbines
Muñoz Vázquez, Aldo JonathanCONACYT
Romero, GerardoUniversidad Autonoma De Tamaulipas
Anguiano-Gijón, Carlos AlbertoAutonomous University of Tamaulipas
Parra-Vega, VicenteCINVESTAV
Sanchez-Orta, AnandCINVESTAV
16:50-17:10, Paper MoC3.5 
Model-Based Closed-Loop Wind Farm Control for Power Maximization Using Bayesian Optimization: A Large Eddy Simulation Study
Doekemeijer, Bart MatthijsDelft University of Technology
van der Hoek, DaanDelft University of Technology
van Wingerden, Jan-WillemDelft University of Technology
17:10-17:30, Paper MoC3.6 
Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Design for the Pitch Control of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine
Ameli, SinaUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Morshed, Mohammad JavadUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Fekih, AfefUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
MoC4 Lau, 6-211
Reinforcement Learning Regular Session
Chair: Vermillion, ChristopherNorth Carolina State University
Co-Chair: Tange, YoshioFuji Electric Co., Ltd
15:30-15:50, Paper MoC4.1 
Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Nonlinear Systems
Self, RyanOklahoma State University
Harlan, MichaelOklahoma State University
Kamalapurkar, RushikeshOklahoma State University
15:50-16:10, Paper MoC4.2 
Bi-Level Proximal Policy Optimization for Stochastic Coordination of EV Charging Load with Uncertain Wind Power
Long, TengTsinghua University
Ma, Xiao-TengTsinghua University
Jia, (Samuel) Qing-ShanTsinghua University
16:10-16:30, Paper MoC4.3 
Model Predictive Control Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Method with Discrete-Valued Input
Tange, YoshioFuji Electric Co., Ltd
Kiryu, SatoshiFuji Electric Co., Ltd
Matsui, TetsuroFuji Electric Co., Ltd.,
16:30-16:50, Paper MoC4.4 
Optimization Control of a Fed-Batch Process Using an Improved Reinforcement Learning Algorithm
Zhang, PengNewcastle University
Zhang, JieUniv. of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hu, BingzhangNewcastle University
Long, YangDurham University
16:50-17:10, Paper MoC4.5 
Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient-Based Parameter Selection Method of Notch Filters for Suppressing Mechanical Resonance in Industrial Servo Systems
Oh, Tae-HoSeoul National University
Kim, Tae-IlSeoul National University
Han, Ji-SeokSeoul National University
Kim, Young-SeokSeoul National University
Lee, Jee-HyungRS Automation
Kim, Sang-OhRS Automation
Lee, Sang-SubRS Automation
Lee, Sang-HoonRS Automation
Cho, Dong-ilSeoul National University
MoC5 Lau, 5-206
Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Control Regular Session
Chair: Chen, YanArizona State University
Co-Chair: Paszke, WojciechUniversity of Zielona Gora
15:30-15:50, Paper MoC5.1 
Scalable Control System for Dense Transfer Vehicles in Flexible Manufacturing
Tadano, KumikoNEC Corporation
Maeno, YoshiharuNEC Corporation
15:50-16:10, Paper MoC5.2 
Energy-Efficient Flocking Control: A Distributed Least-Informed Method
Wang, FengchenArizona State University
Chen, YanArizona State University
16:10-16:30, Paper MoC5.3 
Repetitive Process Stability Theory Applied to the Design of Distributed Controllers for Spatially Interconnected Systems
Maniarski, RobertUniversity of Zielona Góra
Klimkowicz, KamilUniversity of Zielona Gora
Paszke, WojciechUniversity of Zielona Gora
Rogers, EricUniversity of Southampton
16:30-16:50, Paper MoC5.4 
Output Sign-Consensus of Heterogeneous Linear Multi-Agent Systems
Jiang, HuidiSouthwest Jiaotong University
Zhang, HongweiSouthwest Jiaotong University
16:50-17:10, Paper MoC5.5 
A Distributed Model Predictive Scheme for Resilient Consensus with Input Constraints
Wang, YuanTokyo Institute of Technology
Ishii, HideakiTokyo Institute of Technology
17:10-17:30, Paper MoC5.6 
Synchronization of Multi-Agent System of "Feathers" on the Surface of the Wing in a Turbulent Airflow
Amelin, KonstantinSaint Petersburg State University
Amelina, NataliaSaint Petersburg State University
Granichin, OlegSaint Petersburg State University
Granichina, OlgaHerzen State Pedagogical University
Ivanskiy, YurySaint Petersburg State University
MoC6 Lau, 6-213
Predictive Control 2 Regular Session
Chair: Manzie, ChrisThe University of Melbourne
Co-Chair: Yang, LirenUniversity of Michigan
15:30-15:50, Paper MoC6.1 
Cross-Phase Model-Based Predictive Cavity Pressure Control in Injection Molding
Stemmler, SebastianRWTH Aachen University
Ay, MuzafferRWTH Aachen University, Institute of Automatic Control
Vukovic, MarkoRWTH Aachen University, Institute of Automatic Control
Abel, DirkRWTH Aachen University
Heinisch, JulianInstitute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University
Hopmann, ChristianInstitute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University
15:50-16:10, Paper MoC6.2 
Model Predictive Control Using Linearized Radial Basis Function Neural Models for Water Distribution Networks
Balla, Krisztian MAalborg University
Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg University
Bendtsen, Jan DimonAalborg University
Kallesøe, Carsten SkovmoseAalborg University
16:10-16:30, Paper MoC6.3 
Quickly Finding Recursively Feasible Solutions for MPC with Discrete Variables
Yang, LirenUniversity of Michigan
Karnik, AmeyFord Motor Company
Ozay, NecmiyeUniv. of Michigan
16:30-16:50, Paper MoC6.4 
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Overhead Laboratory-Scale Gantry Crane with Obstacle Avoidance
Iftikhar, SaadImperial College London
Faqir, Omar JamesImperial College London
Kerrigan, Eric C.Imperial College London
16:50-17:10, Paper MoC6.5 
Modelling and Contouring Error Bounded Control of a Biaxial Industrial Gantry Machine
Yuan, MengThe University of Melbourne
Manzie, ChrisThe University of Melbourne
Gan, LuANCA Motion
Good, Malcolm C.University of Melbourne
Shames, ImanThe University of Melbroune




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