CCTA 2018

2018 IEEE Conference on
Control Technology and Applications

August 21-24, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark


2018 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications
August 21-24, 2018, The Scandic Hotel Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Last updated on August 28, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday August 22, 2018

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WeP1 Plenary Session, Grand Ball+Amalienborg Add to My Program 
Plenary Lecture: Peter Terwiesch, ABB  
Chair: Parisini, ThomasImperial Coll. & Univ. of Trieste
Co-Chair: Bak, ThomasAalborg Univ
08:30-09:30, Paper WeP1.1 Add to My Program
Control, Automation and Digitalization: An Industrialist’s Perspective
Terwiesch, PeterA.B.B. Corp. Res.
WeA1 Tutorial Session, Grand Ball+Amalienborg Add to My Program 
Optimization in Industrial Applications  
Chair: Richter, StefanRichter Optimization GmbH
Co-Chair: Besselmann, ThomasABB Switzerland Ltd
Organizer: Richter, StefanRichter Optimization GmbH
10:00-10:30, Paper WeA1.1 Add to My Program
Optimization As THE Key Tool in Future Industrial Applications (I)
Richter, StefanRichter Optimization GmbH
10:30-11:00, Paper WeA1.2 Add to My Program
Power Factor Improvements for Load Commutated Inverters (I)
Besselmann, ThomasFHNW Univ. of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switze
Joerg, PiederABB Medium Voltage Drives
Van de moortel, StureABB Medium Voltage Drives
11:00-11:30, Paper WeA1.3 Add to My Program
Contactless Current Sensing with Position Detection Using Model-Based Nonlinear Optimization (I)
Klar, LukasTDK-Micronas GmbH
Albrecht, StefanTDK-Micronas GmbH
Diehl, MoritzUniv. of Freiburg
11:30-12:00, Paper WeA1.4 Add to My Program
A Robust Model Predictive Control Approach to Intelligent Respiratory Support (I)
Männel, GeorgUniv. Zu Lübeck
Hoffmann, ChristianUniv. Zu Lübeck
Rostalski, PhilippUniv. of Luebeck
WeA2 Regular Session, Christiansborg Add to My Program 
Smart Grids  
Chair: Sachs, JuliaImperial Coll. London
Co-Chair: Schaefer, BenjaminTech. Univ. of Dresden
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA2.1 Add to My Program
Estimation and Targeting of Residential Households for Hour-Ahead Demand Response Interventions - a Case Study in California
Zhou, Datong PaulUniv. of California, Berkeley
Balandat, MaximilianUniv. of California, Berkeley
Tomlin, Claire J.UC Berkeley
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA2.2 Add to My Program
Distributed Automatic Load-Frequency Control with Optimality in Power Systems
Chen, XinHarvard Univ
Zhao, ChanghongNational Renewable Energy Lab
Li, NaHarvard Univ
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA2.3 Add to My Program
How Decentral Smart Grid Control Limits Non-Gaussian Power Grid Frequency Fluctuations
Schäfer, BenjaminTech. Univ. of Dresden
Timme, MarcMax-Planck-Inst. for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Witthaut, DirkForschungszentrum Jülich, Inst. of Energy and Climate Res
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA2.4 Add to My Program
Retrofitting Based Power System Stabilizer Design of PV-Integrated Power Systems
Sadamoto, TomonoriTokyo Inst. of Tech
Ishizaki, TakayukiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Kato, TakuroTokyo Inst. of Tech
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA2.5 Add to My Program
Distributed Optimization for a Cost Efficient Operation of a Network of Island Energy Systems
Sachs, JuliaImperial Coll. London
Massari, CristinaUniv. Stuttgart
Hawkes, AdamImperial Coll. London
Sawodny, OliverUniv. of Stuttgart
11:40-12:00, Paper WeA2.6 Add to My Program
Smart Charge of an Electric Vehicles Station: A Model Predictive Control Approach
Diaz Londono, Cesar EduardoPontificia Univ. Javeriana
Ruiz, FredyPontificia Univ. Javeriana
Patino, DiegoPontificia Univ. Javeriana
WeA3 Regular Session, Fredensborg Add to My Program 
Autonomous Robots  
Chair: Spong, Mark W.Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Co-Chair: Pettersen, Kristin Y.Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA3.1 Add to My Program
Path Following Control of Swimming Magnetic Helical Microrobots Subject to Step-Out Frequencies
Mohammadi, AlirezaUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Spong, Mark W.Univ. of Texas at Dallas
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA3.2 Add to My Program
A 3D Reactive Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Nonholonomic Vehicles
Wiig, Martin SyreNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
Pettersen, Kristin Y.Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
Krogstad, Thomas R.Norwegian Defense Res. Establishment
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA3.3 Add to My Program
Improvement of Ship Motion Control Using a Magnitude-Rate Saturation Model
Lyngstadaas, Ole NikolaiNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
Sæterdal, Tore EgilNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
Soerensen, Mikkel Eske NoergaardNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
Breivik, MortenNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA3.4 Add to My Program
Decentralised Cooperative Mobile Manipulation with Adaptive Control Parameters
He, YanhaoUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Wu, MinUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Liu, StevenUniv. of Kaiserslautern
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA3.5 Add to My Program
Path Planning and Control of Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Reach-Avoid Scenarios
Shamgah, LayaNorth Carolina A&T State Univ
Tadewos, Tadewos GetahunNorth Carolina A&T State Univ
Karimoddini, AliNorth Carolina A&T State Univ
Homaifar, AbdollahNorth Carolina A&T State Univ
11:40-12:00, Paper WeA3.6 Add to My Program
VFO Path Following Control Strategy for Constrained Motion of Car-Like Robots with Invariant Funnels Computed Using the SOS Optimization
Michalek, Maciej, M.Poznan Univ. of Tech. (PUT)
Gawron, TomaszPoznan Univ. of Tech
WeA4 Regular Session, Frederik Add to My Program 
Adaptive Control  
Chair: Yamanaka, OsamuToshiba Corp
Co-Chair: Lymperopoulos, GeorgiosUniv. of Southern California
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA4.1 Add to My Program
Hybrid Direct-Indirect Adaptive Generalized Dynamic Inversion Based Attitude Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Ansari, UzairKing Abdulaziz Univ
Bajodah, Abdulrahman H.King Abdulaziz Univ
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA4.2 Add to My Program
Adaptive Extremum Seeking Controller Design Utilizing a Simple Nonlinear Benchmark Process Model
Yamanaka, OsamuToshiba Corp
Onishi, YutaToshiba Corp
Hiraoka, YukioToshiba Infrastructure System Solution Corp
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA4.3 Add to My Program
Adaptive Algorithm for Detecting Beam Center in High-Power Laser Transport Lines
Bărbuță, Mihail-GabrielPol. Univ. of Bucharest
Marcu, AurelianNational Inst. for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics
Slușanschi, Emil-IoanPol. Univ. of Bucharest
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA4.4 Add to My Program
Multiple Model Adaptive Control of Valve Flow Using Event-Triggered Switching
Lymperopoulos, GeorgiosUniv. of Southern California
Borrello, Michael A.Philips Healthcare
Margari, NikolettaTech. Educational Inst. of Athens
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA4.5 Add to My Program
Self-Tuning Active Tuned Mass Damper Utilizing Constrained Multi-Variable Sliding Mode Extremum-Seeking
Kamali, Seyed HosseinSimon Fraser Univ
Moallem, MehrdadSimon Fraser Univ
Arzanpour, SiamakSimon Fraser Univ
WeA5 Regular Session, Kronborg Add to My Program 
Chair: Robertsson, AndersLTH, Lund Univ
Co-Chair: Bendtsen, Jan DimonAalborg Univ
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA5.1 Add to My Program
Incremental Reference Generation for Nonsingular Control on SE(3)
Greiff, Marcus CarlLund Univ
Robertsson, AndersLTH, Lund Univ
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA5.2 Add to My Program
Receding Horizon Synthesis and Dynamic Allocation of UAVs to Fight Fires
Shaffer, JoshuaUniv. of Maryland
Carrillo, EstefanyUniv. of Maryland
Xu, HuanUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA5.3 Add to My Program
Time Optimal Robust Fleet Management of Micro UAV through Timed Games Formulation
Schioler, HenrikAssociate Professor, M.Sc.EE, Ph.D
Bendtsen, Jan DimonAalborg Univ
Totu, Luminita C.Aalborg Univ
Larsen, KimAalborg Univ
Taankvist, Jakob HaahrAalborg Univ
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA5.4 Add to My Program
Closed-Loop Data-Driven Attitude Control Design for a Multirotor UAV
Capocchiano, StefanoPol. Di Milano
Panizza, PietroPol. Di Milano
Invernizzi, DavidePol. Di Milano
Lovera, MarcoPol. Di Milano
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA5.5 Add to My Program
Full Pose Tracking for a Tilt-Arm Quadrotor UAV
Invernizzi, DavidePol. Di Milano
Giurato, MattiaPol. Di Milano
Gattazzo, PaoloPol. Di Milano
Lovera, MarcoPol. Di Milano
11:40-12:00, Paper WeA5.6 Add to My Program
Frequency Resource Allocation for Satellite Communications System Based on Model Predictive Control and Its Application to Frequency Bandwidth Allocation for Aircraft
Abe, YumaNational Inst. of Information and Communications Tech
Tsuji, HiroyukiNational Inst. of Information and Communications Tech
Miura, AmaneNICT
Adachi, ShuichiKeio Univ
WeA6 Regular Session, Schackenborg Add to My Program 
Fault-Tolerant Systems  
Chair: Fekih, AfefUniv. of Louisiana at Lafayette
Co-Chair: Prochazka, Karl FrederikTech. Univ. Darmstadt
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA6.1 Add to My Program
Integrated Fault-Tolerant Control of an Over-Actuated Aircraft Using Optimal Control Allocation and Robust Sliding Mode Observers
Prochazka, Karl FrederikTech. Univ. Darmstadt
Eduardo, HugoTU Darmstadt
Klein, Sebastian RudolfTU Darmstadt
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA6.2 Add to My Program
Complementary Chassis Systems for Ground Vehicles Safety
Kissai, MoadENSTA ParisTech
Mouton, XavierGroup Renault
Monsuez, BrunoENSTA ParisTech
Martinez, DidierGroup Renault
Tapus, AdrianaENSTA ParisTech
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA6.3 Add to My Program
Health-Aware LPV-MPC Based on System Reliability Assessment for Drinking Water Networks
Karimi Pour, FatemehUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Puig, VicencUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Cembrano, GabrielaUPC-CSIC
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA6.4 Add to My Program
Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control Design for Actuator Fault Mitigation in Quadrotor UAVs
Mallavalli, SeemaUniv. of Louisiana at Lafayette
Fekih, AfefUniv. of Louisiana at Lafayette
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA6.5 Add to My Program
FDI Based Model Predictive Fault-Tolerant Control for Constrained Steer-By-Wire Systems
Huang, ChaoUniv. of Wollongong
Naghdy, FazelUniv. of Wollongong
Du, HaipingUniv. of Wollongong
11:40-12:00, Paper WeA6.6 Add to My Program
Fault Tolerant Economic Model Predictive Control for Energy Efficiency in a Multi-Zone Building
A, Mona SubramaniamIndian Inst. of Tech. Mandi
Jain, TusharIndian Inst. of Tech. Mandi
WeB1 Industry Session, Grand Ball+Amalienborg Add to My Program 
Cyber-Secure Industrial Control Systems  
Chair: Sandberg, HenrikKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Johansson, Karl H.Royal Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Sandberg, HenrikKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Johansson, Karl H.Royal Inst. of Tech
13:30-14:00, Paper WeB1.1 Add to My Program
Cyber-Security Challenges for ICS in the Manufacturing Industry (I)
Byrne, AndrewDell EMC
Bowden, David AndrewDell EMC
O'Mahony, NiamhDell EMC
14:00-14:30, Paper WeB1.2 Add to My Program
Cyber-Physical Security for Industrial Control System (I)
Mady, Alie El-DinUnited Tech. Res. Center Ireland
Boubekeur, MenouerUnited Tech. Res. Center
14:30-15:00, Paper WeB1.3 Add to My Program
Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (I)
Lindstrom, TomasABB AB
15:00-15:30, Paper WeB1.4 Add to My Program
Cyber Security for Smart Grid Control: Two Case Studies (I)
Sandberg, HenrikKTH Royal Inst. of Tech.
Johansson, Karl H.Royal Inst. of Tech.
WeB2 Invited Session, Christiansborg Add to My Program 
Distributed Energy Resources  
Chair: Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
Co-Chair: Wang, HongPacific Northwest National Lab
Organizer: Taylor, Joshua A.Univ. of Toronto
Organizer: Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
13:30-13:50, Paper WeB2.1 Add to My Program
Narrowing Frequency Probability Density Function for Achieving Minimized Uncertainties in Power Systems Operation – a Stochastic Distribution Control Perspective (I)
Wang, HongPacific Northwest National Lab
Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
13:50-14:10, Paper WeB2.2 Add to My Program
Exploring Connections between a Multiple Model Kalman Filter and Dynamic Fixed Share with Applications to Demand Response (I)
Ledva, Gregory StephenUniv. of Michigan
Balzano, LauraUniv. of Michigan
Mathieu, Johanna L.Univ. of Michigan
14:10-14:30, Paper WeB2.3 Add to My Program
Coordinated Optimal Control of Constrained DERs (I)
Harvey, RolandUniv. of Central Florida
Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
Namerikawa, ToruKeio Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeB2.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Energy Consumption Forecast for Grid Responsive Buildings: A Sensitivity Analysis (I)
Kundu, SoumyaPacific Northwest National Lab
Ramachandran, ThiagarajanGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Chen, YanPacific Northwest National Lab
Vrabie, DragunaPacific Northwest National Lab
14:50-15:10, Paper WeB2.5 Add to My Program
Prioritized Threshold Allocation for Distributed Frequency Response (I)
Nandanoori, Sai PushpakIowa State Univ
Kundu, SoumyaPacific Northwest National Lab
Vrabie, DragunaPacific Northwest National Lab
Kalsi, KaranPacific Northwest National Lab
Lian, JianmingPacific Northwest National Lab
15:10-15:30, Paper WeB2.6 Add to My Program
A Hierarchical Design for Damping Control of Wind-Integrated Power Systems Considering Heterogeneous Wind Farm Dynamics
Mukherjee, SayakNorth Carolina State Univ
Xue, NanNorth Carolina State Univ
Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State Univ
WeB3 Regular Session, Fredensborg Add to My Program 
Chair: Bortoff, Scott A.Mitsubishi Electric Res. Lab
Co-Chair: Paley, Derek A.Univ. of Maryland
13:30-13:50, Paper WeB3.1 Add to My Program
Object-Oriented Modeling and Control of Delta Robots
Bortoff, Scott A.Mitsubishi Electric Res. Lab
13:50-14:10, Paper WeB3.2 Add to My Program
Vibration Suppression of CDPRs Based on Differential Flatness
Park, Jong HyeonHanyang Univ
Yoon, JonghyunHanyang Univ
Hwang, Sung WookHanyang Univ
Bak, Jeong-HyeonHanyang Univ
14:10-14:30, Paper WeB3.3 Add to My Program
Near Time-Optimal Flexible-Joint Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Robotic Manipulators
Ruf, MarkusDeutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft Und Raumfahrt
14:30-14:50, Paper WeB3.4 Add to My Program
Implementation of Admittance Control on a Construction Robot Using Load Cells
Bekker, MishaEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Pedersen, RasmusAalborg Univ
Flores Mendez, Juan de DiosAalborg Univ
Rasmussen, Mads HøiSDU
Bak, ThomasAalborg Univ
14:50-15:10, Paper WeB3.5 Add to My Program
Singularity and Workspace Analysis for Modular Continuum Robots
Mayer, AnnikaUniv. of Stuttgart
Sawodny, OliverUniv. of Stuttgart
15:10-15:30, Paper WeB3.6 Add to My Program
Microfluidic Circuit Dynamics and Control for Caterpillar-Inspired Locomotion in a Soft Robot
Nguewou-Hyousse, HeleneUniv. of Maryland Coll. Park
Franchi, GiuliaSalisbuty Univ
Paley, Derek A.Univ. of Maryland
WeB4 Regular Session, Frederik Add to My Program 
Nonlinear Systems  
Chair: Schuster, EugenioLehigh Univ
Co-Chair: Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield Univ
13:30-13:50, Paper WeB4.1 Add to My Program
An Active Disturbance Rejection Control Approach to Fan Control in Servers
Zheng, QinlingSamsung Semiconductor Inc
Ping, ZhanSamsung Semiconductor Inc
Almeida-Soares, SimoneCleveland State Univ
Hu, YuCleveland State Univ
Gao, ZhiqiangCleveland State Univ
13:50-14:10, Paper WeB4.2 Add to My Program
Robust Constrained Stabilization Control Using Control Lyapunov and Control Barrier Function in the Presence of Measurement Noises
Takano, RinTokyo Inst. of Tech
Yamakita, MasakiTokyo Inst. of Tech
14:10-14:30, Paper WeB4.3 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Robust Safety Factor Profile Control in Tokamaks Via Feedback Linearization and Nonlinear Damping Techniques
Pajares, AndresLehigh Univ
Schuster, EugenioLehigh Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeB4.4 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Systems with State-Dependent Switches and State Jumps Using a Penalty Function Method
Katayama, SotaroKyoto Univ
Satoh, YasuyukiTokyo Univ. of Science
Doi, MasahiroToyota Motor Corp
Ohtsuka, ToshiyukiKyoto Univ
14:50-15:10, Paper WeB4.5 Add to My Program
Understandings of the Incremental Backstepping Control through Theoretical Analysis under the Model Uncertainties
Jeon, Byoung-JuCranfield Univ
Seo, Min-GukCranfield Univ
Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield Univ
Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper WeB4.6 Add to My Program
State Space LS-SVM for Polynomial Nonlinear State Space Model Based Generalized Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems
Dilmen, ErdemPamukkale Univ
Beyhan, SelamiPamukkale Univ
WeB5 Invited Session, Kronborg Add to My Program 
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems: From Airframes to Autonomy  
Chair: Krakow, Lucas W.Colorado State Univ
Co-Chair: Chong, Edwin K. P.Colorado State Univ
Organizer: Krakow, Lucas W.Colorado State Univ
Organizer: Chong, Edwin K. P.Colorado State Univ
13:30-13:50, Paper WeB5.1 Add to My Program
Fuel Efficient Moving Target Tracking Using POMDP with Limited FOV Sensor (I)
Eaton, ChristopherColorado State Univ
Krakow, Lucas W.Colorado State Univ
Chong, Edwin K. P.Colorado State Univ
Maciejewski, Anthony AColorado State Univ
13:50-14:10, Paper WeB5.2 Add to My Program
Scalable and Exact MILP Methods for UAV Persistent Visitation Problem (I)
Kalyanam, KrishnaInfoscitex Corp
Manyam, Satyanarayana GuptaInfoscitex Corp
Casbeer, David W.Air Force Res. Lab
Pachter, MeirAFIT/ENG
Von Moll, AlexanderAir Force Res. Lab
14:10-14:30, Paper WeB5.3 Add to My Program
Pilot Induced Oscillation Mitigation for Unmanned Aircraft Systems: An Adaptive Control Allocation Approach (I)
Tohidi, Seyed ShahabaldinFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bilkent Univ
Yildiz, YildirayBilkent Univ
Kolmanovsky, Ilya V.The Univ. of Michigan
14:30-14:50, Paper WeB5.4 Add to My Program
Simultaneous Non-Myopic Optimization of UAV Guidance and Camera Gimbal Control for Target Tracking (I)
Krakow, Lucas W.Colorado State Univ
Chong, Edwin K. P.Colorado State Univ
Eaton, ChristopherColorado State Univ
14:50-15:10, Paper WeB5.5 Add to My Program
Autonomous Flight Control for Multirotors by a Simple Input-Output Linearization with Nested Saturation
Yoon, YongeunGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Johnson, Eric N.Georgia Inst. of Tech
Ren, LilingGE Global Res
15:10-15:30, Paper WeB5.6 Add to My Program
A Simple Learning Strategy for Feedback Linearization Control of Aerial Package Delivery Robot
Mehndiratta, MohitNanyang Tech. Univ
Kayacan, ErkanUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kayacan, ErdalAarhus Univ
WeB6 Regular Session, Schackenborg Add to My Program 
Fault Detection and Accommodation  
Chair: Niemann, HenrikTech. Univ. of Denmark
Co-Chair: Wisniewski, RafalAalborg Univ
13:30-13:50, Paper WeB6.1 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Fault Detection of Reefer Containers: A Moments-Based SDP Approach
Lundgaard Christensen, RasmusLodam Electronics A/S
Wisniewski, RafalAalborg Univ
Sznaier, MarioNortheastern Univ
Sørensen, Kresten KjærLodam Electronics
13:50-14:10, Paper WeB6.2 Add to My Program
Fault Tolerant Control for Networked Mobile Robots
Pierpaoli, PietroGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Sauter, Dominique D.J.Univ. of Lorraine
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Inst. of Tech
14:10-14:30, Paper WeB6.3 Add to My Program
Closed Loop Fault Detectability Based on a Gap-Metric
Sekunda, AndréTech. Univ. of Denmark
Ding, Steven X.Univ. of Duisburg-Essen
Poulsen, Niels KjølstadTech. Univ. of Denmark
Niemann, HenrikTech. Univ. of Denmark
14:30-14:50, Paper WeB6.4 Add to My Program
An Improved Nonparametric Method for Fault Detection of Induction Motors Based on the Statistics of the Fractional Moments
Morozov, Arsenii L.Kazan National Res. Tech. Univ. Named after A. N. T
Nigmatullin, Raoul R.Kazan National Res. Tech. Univ. Named after A. N. T
Lino, PaoloPol. Di Bari
Maione, GuidoPol. Di Bari
Stasi, SilvioPol. Di Bari
14:50-15:10, Paper WeB6.5 Add to My Program
Simultaneous Sensor and Actuator Fault Detection, Isolation and Estimation of Nonlinear Euler-Lagrange Systems Using Sliding Mode Observers
Abdollahi, MaryamConcordia Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper WeB6.6 Add to My Program
Fault Analysis of Aging McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle in Terms of Its Model Parameters
Ishikawa, TakahiroThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Kogiso, KiminaoThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Hamamoto, KenichiKajima Tech. Res. Inst
WeC1 Industry Session, Grand Ball+Amalienborg Add to My Program 
Autonomous Vehicles  
Chair: Berntorp, KarlMitsubishi Electric Res. Labs
Co-Chair: Gustafsson, FredrikLinkoping Univ
Organizer: Berntorp, KarlMitsubishi Electric Res. Labs
Organizer: Di Cairano, StefanoMitsubishi Electric Res. Labs
16:00-16:30, Paper WeC1.1 Add to My Program
Control Architecture Design for Autonomous Vehicles (I)
Berntorp, KarlMitsubishi Electric Res. Labs
Quirynen, RienMitsubishi Electric Res. Lab. (MERL)
Hoang, TruUniv. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Di Cairano, StefanoMitsubishi Electric Res. Labs
16:30-17:00, Paper WeC1.2 Add to My Program
Smart Localization for Autonomous Vehicles (I)
Gustafsson, FredrikLinkoping Univ.
17:00-17:30, Paper WeC1.3 Add to My Program
Vehicle Motion Control with Safety Guarantees in Autonomous Driving (I)
Falcone, PaoloChalmers Univ. of Tech.
17:30-18:00, Paper WeC1.4 Add to My Program
Automotive Controller Design under the Requirements of ISO 26262 for Functional Safety (I)
Schildbach, GeorgUniv. of Luebeck
WeC2 Invited Session, Christiansborg Add to My Program 
Distributed Energy Management towards Clean and Economically-Enabled
Chair: Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ
Co-Chair: Hara, ShinjiChuo Univ
Organizer: Hatanaka, TakeshiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ
16:00-16:20, Paper WeC2.1 Add to My Program
Glocal Control of Load Frequency for Electrical Power Networks with Multiple Shared Model Sets (I)
Nguyen, Binh-MinhThe Univ. of Tokyo
Tsumura, KojiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hara, ShinjiChuo Univ
16:20-16:40, Paper WeC2.2 Add to My Program
Passivity-Short-Based Stability Analysis on Electricity Market Trading System Considering Negative Price (I)
Muto, KeitaKeio Univ
Namerikawa, ToruKeio Univ
Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
16:40-17:00, Paper WeC2.3 Add to My Program
Economic Load Dispatching Control with Line Temperature Prediction for a Power Grid with Photovoltaic and Battery Systems (I)
Kawakubo, ShiroTokyo Metropolitan Univ
Namba, KazukiTokyo Metropolitan Univ
Hashikura, KotaroGunma Univ
Sugihara, HideharuOsaka Univ
Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ
17:00-17:20, Paper WeC2.4 Add to My Program
Minimax Optimization of Fatigue Loads in a Wind Farm and Its Realization Via Sliding Mode Controller of Wind Turbines (I)
Capello, ElisaPol. Di Torino, CNR-IEIIT
Wada, TakayukiOsaka Univ
Punta, ElisabettaCNR-IEIIT
Fujisaki, YasumasaOsaka Univ
17:20-17:40, Paper WeC2.5 Add to My Program
Decentralized Power Curtailment Control Using Real-Time Pricing Strategy for PV Generation Plants with Storage and Its Experimental Verification (I)
Akutsu, HikaruNagaoka Univ. of Tech
Hirata, KenjiNagaoka Univ. of Tech
Ohori, AkihiroDAIHEN Corp
Hattori, NobuyukiDAIHEN Corp
Ohta, YoshitoKyoto Univ
17:40-18:00, Paper WeC2.6 Add to My Program
Strategic Battery Storage Management of Aggregators in Energy Demand Networks (I)
Okajima, YusukeJoetsu Univ. of Education
Hirata, KenjiNagaoka Univ. of Tech
Gupta, VijayUniv. of Notre Dame
Uchida, KenkoWaseda Univ
WeC3 Regular Session, Fredensborg Add to My Program 
Manufacturing Systems and Processes  
Chair: Feron, EricGeorgia Tech
Co-Chair: Terashima, KazuhikoToyohashi Univ. of Tech
16:00-16:20, Paper WeC3.1 Add to My Program
Experimental Application of a Networked Tracking Control Method to the Discrete-Event Demonstrator HANS
Zgorzelski, MarkusRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Ostendarp, PhilippRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Lunze, JanRuhr-Univ. Bochum
16:20-16:40, Paper WeC3.2 Add to My Program
Application of Dependency Structure Matrices and Multilevel Synthesis to a Production Line
Reijnen, FerdieEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Goorden, MartijnEindhoven Univ. of Tech
van de Mortel-Fronczak, JoannaEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Reniers, MichelTU/e
Rooda, J.E.Eindhoven Univ. of Tech
16:40-17:00, Paper WeC3.3 Add to My Program
3D Printing of a Leaf Spring: A Demonstration of Closed-Loop Control in Additive Manufacturing
Garanger, KevinGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Khamvilai, ThanakornGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Feron, EricGeorgia Tech
17:00-17:20, Paper WeC3.4 Add to My Program
Robust Transfer Vehicle Swarm for Unreliable Production Facility
Tadano, KumikoNEC Corp
Maeno, YoshiharuNEC Corp
Itou, TakehiroNEC Corp
Wakayama, HisayaNEC Corp
Ogawa, MasatsuguNEC Corp
17:20-17:40, Paper WeC3.5 Add to My Program
Modeling and Control of a Servo Mechanical Press
Corno, MatteoPol. Di Milano
Zaffaroni, StefanoPol. Di Milano
Girotti, AmbrogioPol. Di Milano
17:40-18:00, Paper WeC3.6 Add to My Program
High-Speed Additive Manufacturing Process Using Variable Motion Trajectory
Shoji, ArakiToyohashi Univ. of Tech
Tasaki, RyosukeToyohashi Univ. of Tech
Terashima, KazuhikoToyohashi Univ. of Tech
WeC4 Regular Session, Frederik Add to My Program 
Process Control  
Chair: Hovd, MortenNorwegian Univ. of Sci & Tech
Co-Chair: Zagorowska, MartaImperial Coll. London
16:00-16:20, Paper WeC4.1 Add to My Program
Load-Sharing Strategy Taking Account of Compressor Degradation
Zagorowska, MartaImperial Coll. London
Thornhill, NinaImperial Coll. London
Haugen, TrondAbb As
Skourup, CharlotteAbb As
16:20-16:40, Paper WeC4.2 Add to My Program
Adaptive PI-Control of Superheat in a Refrigeration System
Andreasen, GlennDanfoss A/S
Nielsen, Kirsten MølgaardAalborg Univ
Andersen, PalleAalborg Univ
Pedersen, Tom S.Aalborg Univ
Izadi-Zamanabadi, RoozbehDanfoss A/S
16:40-17:00, Paper WeC4.3 Add to My Program
Verification of Real-Time Optimization for Multi-Stage Spray Dryer Operation with Polynomial Optimization
Miklos, RobertTech. Univ. of Denmark
Petersen, Lars NorbertTech. Univ. of Denmark and GEA Process Engineering
Poulsen, Niels KjølstadTech. Univ. of Denmark
Utzen, ChristerGEA Process Engineering A/S
Jorgensen, John BagterpTech. Univ. of Denmark
Niemann, HenrikTech. Univ. of Denmark
17:00-17:20, Paper WeC4.4 Add to My Program
Hierarchical Decentralized State Estimation with Unknown Correlation for Multiple and Partially Overlapping State Vectors
Klemets, Jonatan Ralf AxelNorwegian Univ. of Science Tech
Hovd, MortenNorwegian Univ. of Sci & Tech
17:20-17:40, Paper WeC4.5 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Controller and Estimator Design for Multi-Pump Systems
Caba, SebastianUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Lepper, MarkusUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Liu, StevenUniv. of Kaiserslautern
17:40-18:00, Paper WeC4.6 Add to My Program
A Distributed Optimization Strategy for Large Scale Oil and Gas Production Systems
Krishnamoorthy, DineshNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
de Aguiar, Marco Aurélio SchmitzFederal Univ. of Santa Catarina
Foss, Bjarne A.Norwegian Univ. of Science & Tech
Skogestad, SigurdNorwegian Univ. of Science & Tech
WeC5 Regular Session, Kronborg Add to My Program 
Chair: Stoustrup, JakobAalborg Univ
Co-Chair: Hohmann, SoerenKIT
16:00-16:20, Paper WeC5.1 Add to My Program
Model-Based Heater Control Design for Loop Heat Pipes
Gellrich, ThomasFZI Res. Center for Information Tech
Schuermann, TobiasFZI Res. Center for Information Tech
Hobus, FlorianTesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG
Hohmann, SoerenKIT
16:20-16:40, Paper WeC5.2 Add to My Program
Multi-Zone Modeling and Energy Efficient Control of Shopping Center Cooling
Petersen, Joakim BoerlumAalborg Univ
Bendtsen, Jan DimonAalborg Univ
Stoustrup, JakobAalborg Univ
16:40-17:00, Paper WeC5.3 Add to My Program
Power Consumption Model of a Circulating Wet Runner Pump
Meier, BenediktWilo SE
Oettmeier, MartinWilo SE
Fiedler, JensWilo SE
Bertram, TorstenTU Dortmund
17:00-17:20, Paper WeC5.4 Add to My Program
Modelling and Nonlinear Control of a Wet Gas Centrifugal Compressor
Kristoffersen, Torstein ThodeNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
Holden, ChristianNorwegian Univ. of Science & Tech
17:20-17:40, Paper WeC5.5 Add to My Program
Modeling Errors Analysis in Inverse Dynamics Approaches within a Task-Priority Framework
Antonelli, GianlucaUniv. Di Cassino
Di Lillo, PaoloUniv. of Cassino
Natale, CiroUniv. Degli Studi Della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
17:40-18:00, Paper WeC5.6 Add to My Program
A Distributed Parameter Approach to Model the Transcriptional Response of Escherichia Coli in a Scale-Down Reactor
Lischke, JuliaUniv. of Stuttgart
Schmidt, KevinUniv. of Stuttgart
von Wulffen, JoachimUniv. of Stuttgart
Sawodny, OliverUniv. of Stuttgart
WeC6 Invited Session, Schackenborg Add to My Program 
Control, Supervision and Fault Diagnosis for Large Scale Water
Chair: Kallesøe, Carsten SkovmoseAalborg Univ
Co-Chair: Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg Univ
Organizer: Kallesøe, Carsten SkovmoseAalborg Univ
Organizer: Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg Univ
16:00-16:20, Paper WeC6.1 Add to My Program
Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems Using Hydraulic Interval State Estimation (I)
Vrachimis, SteliosUniv. of Cyprus
Eliades, DemetriosUniv. of Cyprus
Polycarpou, Marios M.Univ. of Cyprus
16:20-16:40, Paper WeC6.2 Add to My Program
On the Relation between Leakage Location and Network Pressures (I)
Kallesøe, Carsten SkovmoseAalborg Univ
Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg Univ
16:40-17:00, Paper WeC6.3 Add to My Program
Leak Localization in Water Distribution Networks Using a Kriging Data-Based Approach (I)
Soldevila, AdriàUPC
Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg Univ
Blesa, JoaquimUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC)
Tornil, SebastianUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC)
Fernández-Cantí, Rosa M.Tech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Puig, VicencUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
17:00-17:20, Paper WeC6.4 Add to My Program
Iterative Learning Pressure Control in Water Distribution Networks (I)
Jensen, Tom N.Aalborg Univ
Kallesøe, Carsten SkovmoseAalborg Univ
Bendtsen, Jan DimonAalborg Univ
Wisniewski, RafalAalborg Univ
17:20-17:40, Paper WeC6.5 Add to My Program
Input-Delay Model Predictive Control of Inland Waterways Considering the Backwater Effect (I)
Segovia, PauUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC)
Lala, RajaoarisoaMines Douai
Nejjari, FatihaUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Puig, VicencUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Duviella, EricEc. Des Mines De Douai
17:40-18:00, Paper WeC6.6 Add to My Program
High-Order Sliding Mode Observer for Outflow Reconstruction in a Branched Pipeline (I)
Fernández-Bobadilla, Héctor A.Univ. Nacional Autónoma De México
Verde, CristinaUniv. Nacional Autónoma De México
Moreno, Jaime A.Univ. Nacional Autonoma De Mexico-UNAM




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