2021 American Control Conference May 26-28, 2021
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2021 American Control Conference (ACC)
May 26-28, 2021, New Orleans, USA

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Last updated on April 14, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday May 28, 2021

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FrP1  Plenary Session, Grand Ballroom AB Add to My Program 
Autonomous Control and the Future of Human Spaceflight  
Chair: Morgansen, Kristi A.University of Washington
Co-Chair: Chiu, George T.-C.Purdue University
09:00-10:00, Paper FrP1.1 Add to My Program
Autonomous Control and the Future of Human Spaceflight

Badger, JuliaNASA
FrA01  RI Session, Grand Ballroom C Add to My Program 
Optimization-Based Control  
Chair: Oishi, MeekoUniversity of New Mexico
Co-Chair: Mishra, SandipanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
10:15-10:18, Paper FrA01.1 Add to My Program
Simultaneous and Sequential Control Design for Discrete-Time Switched Linear Systems Using Semi-Definite Programming

Guicherd, RomainUniversity of Sheffield
Mills, Andrew R.University of Sheffield
Trodden, PaulUniversity of Sheffield
Kadirkamanathan, VisakanUniversity of Sheffield
10:18-10:21, Paper FrA01.2 Add to My Program
Feedback Optimizing Linear Quadratic Control

Asuk, AmbaThe University of Sheffield
Trodden, PaulUniversity of Sheffield
10:21-10:24, Paper FrA01.3 Add to My Program
Extremum Seeking under Persistent Gradient Deception: A Switching Systems Approach

Galarza-Jimenez, FelipeUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Poveda, Jorge I.University of Colorado at Boulder
Bianchin, GianlucaUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Dall'Anese, EmilianoUniversity of Colorado Boulder
10:24-10:27, Paper FrA01.4 Add to My Program
Linear Quadratic Tracking Control with Sparsity-Promoting Regularization

Zhang, ZhichengGuilin University of Electronic Technology
Nagahara, MasaakiThe University of Kitakyushu
10:27-10:30, Paper FrA01.5 Add to My Program
Consistency of Distributionally Robust Risk and Chance-Constrained Optimization under Wasserstein Ambiguity Sets

Cherukuri, AshishUniversity of Groningen
Hota, AshishIndian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur
10:30-10:33, Paper FrA01.6 Add to My Program
A Continuous Optimization Approach to Drift Counteraction Optimal Control

Tang, SunbochenUniversity of Michigan
Li, NanUniversity of Michigan
Kolmanovsky, Ilya V.The University of Michigan
Zidek, Robert A. E.University of Michigan
10:33-10:36, Paper FrA01.7 Add to My Program
Optimal Path Smoothing While Maintaining a Region of Safe Operation

Whitaker, JustinUtah State University
Droge, GregUtah State University
10:36-10:39, Paper FrA01.8 Add to My Program
Analysis of Spurious Local Solutions of Optimal Control Problems: One-Shot Optimization versus Dynamic Programming

Ding, YuhaoUniversity of California - Berkeley
Bi, YingjieUniversity of California, Berkeley
Lavaei, JavadUC Berkeley
10:39-10:42, Paper FrA01.9 Add to My Program
A Derivative-Free Distributed Optimization Algorithm with Applicationsin Multi-Agent Target Tracking

Al-Abri, SaidGeorgia Institute of Technology
Lin, TonyGeorgia Institute of Technology
Nelson, RobertGeorgia Institute of Technology
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Institute of Technology
10:42-10:45, Paper FrA01.10 Add to My Program
Regularization for Optimal Sparse Control Structures: A Primal-Dual Framework

Babazadeh, MaryamSharif University of Technology
10:45-10:48, Paper FrA01.11 Add to My Program
Safety-Critical Control with Optimal-Decay Control Barrier Functions with Guaranteed Point-Wise Feasibility

Zeng, JunUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhang, BikeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Li, ZhongyuUC Berkeley
Sreenath, KoushilUniversity of California, Berkeley
10:48-10:51, Paper FrA01.12 Add to My Program
Closed-Form Solution for the Finite-Horizon Linear-Quadratic Control Problem of Linear Fractional-Order Systems

Dabiri, ArmanSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville
Karimi, LayaEastern Michigan University
Machado, J.A. TenreiroInstitute of Engineering of Porto
10:51-10:54, Paper FrA01.13 Add to My Program
Optimal Motion Planning for Localization of Avalanche Victims by Multiple UAVs

Tabasso, CamillaUniversity of Iowa
Mimmo, NicolaUniversity of Bologna
Cichella, VenanzioUniversity of Iowa
Marconi, LorenzoUniv. Di Bologna
10:54-10:57, Paper FrA01.14 Add to My Program
Model Predictive Control with Models of Different Granularity and a Non-Uniformly Spaced Prediction Horizon

Brüdigam, TimTechnical University of Munich
Prader, DanielTechnical Univerisity of Munich
Wollherr, DirkTechnische Universität München
Leibold, MarionTU Muenchen
10:57-11:00, Paper FrA01.15 Add to My Program
Safety-Critical Model Predictive Control with Discrete-Time Control Barrier Function

Zeng, JunUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhang, BikeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Sreenath, KoushilUniversity of California, Berkeley
11:00-11:03, Paper FrA01.16 Add to My Program
Policies for Multi-Agency Recovery of Physical Infrastructure after Disasters

Gehlot, HemantPurdue University
Sundaram, ShreyasPurdue University
UKKUSURI, SATISHPurdue University
11:03-11:06, Paper FrA01.17 Add to My Program
Optimal Trajectories for Autonomous Human-Following Carts with Gesture-Based Contactless Positioning Suggestions

Edmonds, MerrillRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Tarik, YigitRutgers University
Hong, VictoriaRutgers University
Sikandar, FaizaRutgers University
Yi, JingangRutgers University
11:06-11:09, Paper FrA01.18 Add to My Program
Synthesizing Simultaneous Arrival from Single Agent Time Optimal Controllers

Tran, DzungAFRL
Casbeer, David W.Air Force Research Laboratory
Milutinovic, DejanUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
11:09-11:12, Paper FrA01.19 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Optimal Missile Guidance for Stationary Target Interception with Pendulum Motion Perspective

Cho, NamhoonCranfield University
11:12-11:15, Paper FrA01.20 Add to My Program
Introducing a User-Friendly Approximate Dynamic Programming through Region-Based Approximation

Sardarmehni, TohidUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Song, XingyongTexas A&M University, College Station
FrA02  RI Session, Grand Ballroom D Add to My Program 
System Identification  
Chair: Zhang, FuminGeorgia Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Sundaram, ShreyasPurdue University
10:15-10:18, Paper FrA02.1 Add to My Program
Guaranteed Identification of Viscous Friction for a Nonlinear Inverted Pendulum through Interval Analysis and Set Inversion

Fnadi, MohamedENSTA Paris
Alexandre dit Sandretto, JulienENSTA ParisTech
Ballet, GabrielENSTA Paris
Fribourg, LaurentCNRS
10:18-10:21, Paper FrA02.2 Add to My Program
Machine Learning Enhanced Grey-Box Modeling for Building Thermal Modeling

Ellis, MatthewUniversity of California, Davis
10:21-10:24, Paper FrA02.3 Add to My Program
Optimization Approaches for Nonlinear State Space Models

Schüssler, MaxUniversity of Siegen
Nelles, OliverUniversity of Siegen
10:24-10:27, Paper FrA02.4 Add to My Program
Identification of Self-Excited Systems Using Discrete-Time, Time-Delayed Lur'e Models

Paredes, JuanUniversity of Michigan
Bernstein, Dennis S.Univ. of Michigan
10:27-10:30, Paper FrA02.5 Add to My Program
EM-Based Algorithms for Single Particle Tracking of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Motion from sCMOS Camera Data

Lin, YeBoston University
Andersson, Sean B.Boston University
10:30-10:33, Paper FrA02.6 Add to My Program
Distinguishing Aerial Intruders from Trajectory Data: A Model-Based Hypothesis-Testing Approach

Petrizze, DavidWashington State University
Koorehdavoudi, KasraWashington State University
Xue, MengranRaytheon BBN Technologies
Roy, SandipWashington State University
10:33-10:36, Paper FrA02.7 Add to My Program
On Occupation Kernels, Liouville Operators, and Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Rosenfeld, Joel A.University of South Florida
Kamalapurkar, RushikeshOklahoma State University
Gruss, L. ForestUniversity of South Florida
Johnson, Taylor TVanderbilt University
10:36-10:39, Paper FrA02.8 Add to My Program
Dissipativity Verification with Guarantees for Polynomial Systems from Noisy Input-State Data

Martin, TimUniversity of Stuttgart
Allgöwer, FrankUniversity of Stuttgart
10:39-10:42, Paper FrA02.9 Add to My Program
Nonparametric Reconstruction of Vector Fields from Noisy Observations of Their Flow Curves

Sneed, Terry-AnnSouthern Illinois University
Komaee, ArashSouthern Illinois University
10:42-10:45, Paper FrA02.10 Add to My Program
A Robust Hybrid Finite Time Parameter Estimator with Relaxed Persistence of Excitation Condition

Saoud, AdnaneCentraleSupélec
Sanfelice, Ricardo G.University of California at Santa Cruz
10:45-10:48, Paper FrA02.11 Add to My Program
UAV State and Parameter Estimation in Wind Using Calibration Trajectories Optimized for Observability

Shastry, AnimeshUniversity of Maryland
Paley, Derek A.University of Maryland
10:48-10:51, Paper FrA02.12 Add to My Program
Regularization-Induced Bias and Consistency in Recursive Least Squares

Lai, BrianUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Islam, Syed Aseem UlUniversity of Michigan
Bernstein, Dennis S.Univ. of Michigan
10:51-10:54, Paper FrA02.13 Add to My Program
Constrained Block Nonlinear Neural Dynamical Models

Skomski, ElliottPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Vasisht, SoumyaUniversity of Washington
Wight, ColbyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tuor, AaronPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Drgona, JanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Vrabie, DragunaPacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:54-10:57, Paper FrA02.14 Add to My Program
Fractional Order System Identification with Occupation Kernel Regression

Li, XiuyingDepartment Mathematics Changshu Institute of Technology
Rosenfeld, Joel A.University of South Florida
10:57-11:00, Paper FrA02.15 Add to My Program
System Parameter and State Estimator Over Unknown Linear Systems

Ding, XudaShanghai Jiao Tong University
He, JianpingShanghai Jiao Tong University
Chen, CailianShanghai Jiao Tong University
Guan, Xin-PingShanghai Jiao Tong University
11:00-11:03, Paper FrA02.16 Add to My Program
Detection and Identification of CPS Attacks with Application in Vehicle Platooning: A Generalized Luenberger Approach

Xuan, YuClemson University
Naghnaeian, MohammadClemson University
11:03-11:06, Paper FrA02.17 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Koopman Controller Synthesis Based on the Extended H2 Norm Characterization

Uchida, DaisukeThe University of Tokyo
Yamashita, AtsushiThe Univeristy of Tokyo
Asama, HajimeThe University of Tokyo
11:06-11:09, Paper FrA02.18 Add to My Program
Joint State and Dynamics Estimation with High-Gain Observers and Gaussian Process Models

Buisson-Fenet, MonaMINES ParisTech, PSL Research University
Morgenthaler, ValéryANSYS France SA
Trimpe, SebastianRWTH Aachen University
Di Meglio, FlorentMINES ParisTech
11:09-11:12, Paper FrA02.19 Add to My Program
Tracking Multiple Diffusing Particles Using Information Optimal Control

Pinto, Samuel C.Boston University
Vickers, Nicholas A.Boston University
Sharifi, FatemehBoston University
Andersson, Sean B.Boston University
11:12-11:15, Paper FrA02.20 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Bounds for a Class of Filtering Algorithms in the Scalar Case

Wei, ShihongJohns Hopkins University
Spall, James C.Johns Hopkins Univ
FrA03  Invited Session, Grand Salon 1 Add to My Program 
Estimation and Control of PDEs III  
Chair: Demetriou, Michael A.Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Co-Chair: Kemeth, FelixJohns Hopkins University
Organizer: Demetriou, Michael A.Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Organizer: Fahroo, FaribaAFOSR
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA03.1 Add to My Program
PDE-Based Modeling and Non-Collocated Feedback Control of Electrosurgical-Probe/Tissue Interaction

El-Kebir, HamzaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bentsman, JosephUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA03.2 Add to My Program
Minimal Differential Difference Realizations of Delay Differential, Differential Difference and Neutral Delay Systems

Peet, Matthew M.Arizona State University
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA03.3 Add to My Program
Adaptive Regulation-Triggered Control of Hyperbolic PDEs by Batch Least-Squares (I)

Wang, JiUniversity of California, San Diego
Krstic, MiroslavUniversity of California, San Diego
Karafyllis, IassonNational Technical University of Athens
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA03.4 Add to My Program
Coarse-Grained and Emergent Distributed Parameter Systems from Data (I)

Arbabi, HassanMIT
Kemeth, FelixJohns Hopkins University
Tom, BertalanJohns Hopkins University
Kevrekidis, Ioannis G.Johns Hopkins University
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA03.5 Add to My Program
Event-Triggered Output-Feedback Boundary Control of a Class of Reaction-Diffusion PDEs (I)

Rathnayake, BhathiyaStudent (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York 12180, USA)
Diagne, MamadouRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Espitia, NicolasCRIStAL, CNRS
Karafyllis, IassonNational Technical University of Athens
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA03.6 Add to My Program
Enhancing Resource Utilization Efficiency in Networked Control of Distributed Processes with Parameter Variations and Limited Measurements (I)

Zedan, AmrUniversity of California Davis
El-Farra, Nael H.University of California, Davis
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA03.7 Add to My Program
Fault Detection of a Class of Nonlinear Uncertain Parabolic PDE Systems

Zhang, JingtingUniversity of Rhode Island
Yuan, ChengzhiUniversity of Rhode Island
Zeng, WeiSouth China University of Technology
Stegagno, PaoloUniversity of Rhode Island
Wang, CongSouth China University of Technology
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA03.8 Add to My Program
Two-Relay Controller and Its Application in Snake-Like Robot Motion: An Infinite-Dimensional Setting

Aguilar, Luis T.Instituto Politecnico Nacional
FrA04  Regular Session, Grand Salon 2 Add to My Program 
Chair: Mimmo, NicolaUniversity of Bologna
Co-Chair: Tomar, Nutan KumarIndian Institute of Technology Patna
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA04.1 Add to My Program
On Functional Observers for Descriptor Systems

Jaiswal, JuhiIndian Institute of Technology Patna
Gupta, Mahendra KumarNational Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
Tomar, Nutan KumarIndian Institute of Technology Patna
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA04.2 Add to My Program
Data-Based Simultaneous Design of Plant Model and Robust Filter in Disturbance Observer

Wang, XiaokeThe University of Tokyo
Ohnishi, WataruThe University of Tokyo
Koseki, TakafumiThe University of Tokyo
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA04.3 Add to My Program
Sparse Sensing and Optimal Precision: Robust H Optimal Observer Design with Model Uncertainty

Deshpande, Vedang M.Texas A&M University
Bhattacharya, RaktimTexas A&M
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA04.4 Add to My Program
Reduced-Order Observers for Nonlinear Systems Via Contraction Analysis and Convex Optimisation

Yi, BowenThe University of Sydney
Wang, RuigangThe University of Sydney
Manchester, Ian R.University of Sydney
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA04.5 Add to My Program
A New H Infinity Observer for Continuous LPV Systems Affected by Unknown Inputs

Meyer, LucONERA, Univ Paris Saclay
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA04.6 Add to My Program
On the Semi-Global Stability of an EK-Like Filter

Bernard, PaulineMINES ParisTech, Université PSL
Mimmo, NicolaUniversity of Bologna
Marconi, LorenzoUniv. Di Bologna
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA04.7 Add to My Program
Guaranteed Interval State Estimation for Linear Parameter Varying Systems with Unknown Inputs

Meyer, LucONERA, Univ Paris Saclay
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA04.8 Add to My Program
A Continuous-Discrete Unknown Input Finite Memory Observer Design for Nonlinear Lipschitz Systems with Process and Measurement Noises

ZHANG, TingtingINSA Centre Val De Loire
Kratz, FredericINSA Centre Val De Loire
Hou, YunhuiINSA Centre Val De Loire
IDASIAK, VincentINSA Centre Val De Loire
FrA05  Invited Session, Grand Salon 3 Add to My Program 
Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings  
Co-Chair: Kundu, SoumyaPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Organizer: Barooah, PrabirUniv. of Florida
Organizer: CAI, JIEUniversity of Oklahoma
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA05.1 Add to My Program
Game Theoretic Control of Thermal Loads in Demand Response Aggregators (I)

Jiang, ZhiminThe University of Oklahoma
CAI, JIEUniversity of Oklahoma
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA05.2 Add to My Program
Control-Oriented Modeling of TCLs (I)

Coffman, AustinUniversity of Florida
Busic, AnaInria
Barooah, PrabirUniv. of Florida
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA05.3 Add to My Program
Grid-Interactive Multi-Zone Building Control Using Reinforcement Learning with Global-Local Policy Search (I)

Zhang, XiangyuNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Chintala, RohitTexas A&M University
Bernstein, AndreyNational Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
Graf, PeterNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jin, XinNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA05.4 Add to My Program
Large-Scale Invariant Sets for Safe Coordination of Thermostatic Loads (I)

Jang, SunhoUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Ozay, NecmiyeUniv. of Michigan
Mathieu, Johanna L.University of Michigan
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA05.5 Add to My Program
Occupancy-Driven Stochastic Decision Framework for Ranking Commercial Building Loads (I)

Jain, MilanPacific Northwest National Laboratry
Kundu, SoumyaPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Bhattacharya, ArnabPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Huang, SenPNNL
Chandan, VikasPacific Northwest National Lab
Radhakrishnan, NikithaPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Adetola, VeronicaPacific Northwest National Lab
Vrabie, DragunaPacific Northwest National Laboratory
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA05.6 Add to My Program
Network-Cognizant Time-Coupled Aggregate Flexibility of Distribution Systems under Uncertainties

Cui, BaiNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Zamzam, Ahmed S.National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bernstein, AndreyNational Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA05.7 Add to My Program
Grid-Forming Frequency Shaping Control for Low-Inertia Power Systems

Jiang, YanJohns Hopkins University
Bernstein, AndreyNational Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
Vorobev, PetrSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech)
Mallada, EnriqueJohns Hopkins University
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA05.8 Add to My Program
On Analytical Construction of Observable Functions in Extended Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Nonlinear Estimation and Prediction

Netto, MarcosNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Susuki, YoshihikoOsaka Prefecture University
Krishnan, VenkatNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Zhang, YingchenNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
FrA06  Regular Session, Grand Salon 4 Add to My Program 
Planning and Control of Autonomous Robots  
Chair: Lee, KooktaeNew Mexico Tech
Co-Chair: Ghaffari, AzadWayne State University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA06.1 Add to My Program
Efficient Robot Motion Planning Via Sampling and Optimization

Leu, JessicaUC Berkeley
Zhang, GeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Sun, LitingUniversity of California, Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniv of California, Berkeley
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA06.2 Add to My Program
Efficient, Decentralized, and Collaborative Multi-Robot Exploration Using Optimal Transport Theory

Kabir, Rabiul HasanNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Lee, KooktaeNew Mexico Tech
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA06.3 Add to My Program
Co-Design of Control and Planning for Multi-Rotor UAVs with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications

Pant, Yash VardhanUniversity of California, Berkeley
Yin, HeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Arcak, MuratUniversity of California, Berkeley
Seshia, Sanjit A.UC Berkeley
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA06.4 Add to My Program
Observability-Aware Target Tracking with Range Only Measurement

Coleman, DemetrisMichigan State University
Tan, XiaoboMichigan State University
Bopardikar, Shaunak D.Michigan State University
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA06.5 Add to My Program
Risk-Aware Path Planning with Uncertain Human Interactions

Chu, JianUniversity of Texas at Austin
Zhao, FeiyangUniversity of Texas at Austin
Bakshi, SoovadeepThe University of Texas at Austin
Yan, ZeyuUniversity of Texas at Austin
Chen, DongmeiThe University of Texas at Austin
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA06.6 Add to My Program
Path Planning under Risk and Uncertainty of the Environment

Cuevas Ramirez, Luis AngelThe University of Melbourne
Ramirez, MiquelUniversity of Melbourne
Shames, ImanAustralian National University
Manzie, ChrisThe University of Melbourne
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA06.7 Add to My Program
A Harmonic Potential, Space-Time Navigation Control with Obstacle Forecast, Avoidance and Guaranteed Time of Arrival

Masoud, Ahmad A.KFUPM
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA06.8 Add to My Program
Modular Safety Control for Mobile Robots Using Barrier Certificates and Modified Feedback

Ghaffari, AzadWayne State University
FrA07  Invited Session, Grand Salon 5 Add to My Program 
Spacecraft Formation Flight & Deep Space Control  
Chair: Petersen, ChristopherAir Force Research Laboratory
Co-Chair: Innocenti, MarioUniversity of Pisa
Organizer: Petersen, ChristopherAir Force Research Laboratory
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA07.1 Add to My Program
Consensus Over Clustered Networks with Asynchronous Inter-Cluster Communication (I)

Zegers, FedericoUniversity of Florida
Phillips, SeanAir Force Research Laboratory
Dixon, Warren E.University of Florida
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA07.2 Add to My Program
Small-Satellite Attitude Consensus on {S}{O}(3) Using Continuous but Only Piecewise-Continuously Differentiable Sinusoidal Controls (I)

Chavan, Roshan A.University of Kentucky
Seigler, Thomas M.University of Kentucky
Hoagg, Jesse B.University of Kentucky
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA07.3 Add to My Program
Stochastic Multi-Satellite Maneuvering with Constraints in an Elliptical Orbit (I)

Priore, ShawnUniversity of New Mexico
P. Vinod, AbrahamMitsubishi Electric Research Lab
Sivaramakrishnan, VigneshUniversity of New Mexico
Petersen, ChristopherAir Force Research Laboratory
Oishi, MeekoUniversity of New Mexico
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA07.4 Add to My Program
Modeling and Stability of a Laser Beam-Driven Sail (I)

Shirin, AfrozaUniversity of New Mexico
Schamiloglu, EdlThe University of New Mexico
Sultan, CornelVirginia Tech
Yang, YinClemson University
Benford, JamesMicrowave Sciences
Fierro, RafaelUniversity of New Mexico
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA07.5 Add to My Program
An Adjoint-Based Method for Continuous-Thrust Relative Maneuver Computation in the Restricted Three-Body Problem (I)

Franzini, GiovanniCollins Aerospace
Innocenti, MarioUniversity of Pisa
Casasco, MassimoEuropean Space Agency, European Space Research and Technology Ce
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA07.6 Add to My Program
ARTMS: Enabling Autonomous Distributed Angles-Only Orbit Estimation for Spacecraft Swarms (I)

Koenig, AdamStanford University
Kruger, JustinStanford University
Sullivan, JoshuaAstranis
D'Amico, SimoneStanford University
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA07.7 Add to My Program
Generalized Polynomial Chaos-Based Ensemble Kalman Filtering for Orbit Estimation (I)

Bhusal, RajnishThe University of Texas at Arlington
Subbarao, KameshThe University of Texas, Arlington
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA07.8 Add to My Program
Falsification-Based Verification for Multi-Mode Spacecraft Attitude Control Systems (I)

Brewer, John MatthewGeorgia Institute of Technology
Tsiotras, PanagiotisGeorgia Institute of Technology
Lang, KendraVerus Research
Phillips, SeanAir Force Research Laboratory
FrA08  Invited Session, Grand Salon 6 Add to My Program 
Control Methods for Mechatronic Systems  
Chair: Hultmann Ayala, Helon VicentePontifical Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro
Co-Chair: Al Janaideh, MohammadMemorial University of Newfoundland
Organizer: Hultmann Ayala, Helon VicentePontifical Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro
Organizer: Al Janaideh, MohammadMemorial University of Newfoundland
Organizer: Oomen, TomEindhoven University of Technology
Organizer: Rakotondrabe, MickyENIT Tarbes, INPT, University of Toulouse
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA08.1 Add to My Program
Determining Kalman Filter Input Noises Using PES Pareto (I)

Abramovitch, Daniel Y.Agilent Technologies
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA08.2 Add to My Program
Modeling and Inverse Compensation of the Quasi-Static Voltage-Strain Lonely Stroke and Hysteresis in Supercoiled Polymer Artificial Muscles (I)

Konda, RevanthUniversity of Nevada Reno
Zhang, JunUniversity of Nevada Reno
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA08.3 Add to My Program
A Comparison of Two Optimization-Based Control Methods for Scanning in SPM Via Feature Tracking Using a Dual-Stage Nanopositioner (I)

Chang, YuheBoston University
Nagel, WilliamUniversity of Utah
Leang, Kam K.University of Utah
Andersson, Sean B.Boston University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA08.4 Add to My Program
PD-Like Regulation of Mechanical Systems with Prescribed Bounds of Exponential Stability: The Point-To-Point Case

Calzolari, DavideTechnical University of Munich (TUM), German Aerospace Center (D
Della Santina, CosimoTU Delft
Albu-Schaeffer, AlinGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA08.5 Add to My Program
Passivity-Based Lag-Compensators with Input Saturation for Mechanical Port-Hamiltonian Systems without Velocity Measurements

Hamada, KiyoshiKyoto University
Borja, PabloUniversity of Groningen
Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.University of Groningen
Fujimoto, KenjiKyoto University
Maruta, IchiroKyoto University
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA08.6 Add to My Program
Suppressing Non-Collocated Disturbances in Inferential Motion Control: With Application to a Wafer Stage (I)

Dirkx, NicASML
Mooren, NoudEindhoven University of Technology
Oomen, TomEindhoven University of Technology
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA08.7 Add to My Program
A Separable Instrumental Variable Method for Robot Identification (I)

Janot, AlexandreONERA
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA08.8 Add to My Program
Output Feedback Control for a Nonlinear Optical Interferometry System

Flores, GerardoCenter for Research in Optics
Rakotondrabe, MickyENIT Tarbes, INPT, University of Toulouse
FrA09  Regular Session, Grand Salon 7 Add to My Program 
Filtering and Sensing  
Chair: Moshiri, BehzadUniversity of Tehran
Co-Chair: Liu, JinfengUniversity of Alberta
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA09.1 Add to My Program
Soil Moisture Map Construction by Sequential Data Assimilation Using an Extended Kalman Filter

Agyeman, BernardUniversity of Alberta
Bo, SongUniversity of Alberta
Sahoo, SoumyaUniversity of Alberta
Yin, XunyuanUniversity of Alberta
Liu, JinfengUniversity of Alberta
Shah, SirishU. of Alberta
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA09.2 Add to My Program
Training Error Approximation through the State-Space Representation of the Fuzzy Model

Sadrian Zadeh, DanialUniversity of Tehran
Moshiri, BehzadUniversity of Tehran
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA09.3 Add to My Program
A Robust Finite Memory Observer Design for Continuous-Discrete Linear Time-Varying Systems with Process and Measurement Noises

ZHANG, TingtingINSA Centre Val De Loire
Kratz, FredericINSA Centre Val De Loire
Hou, YunhuiINSA Centre Val De Loire
IDASIAK, VincentINSA Centre Val De Loire
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA09.4 Add to My Program
The Ensemble Kalman Filter As a Tool for Estimating Temperatures in the Powder Bed Fusion Process

Wood, NathanielThe Ohio State University
Schwalbach, EdwinAir Force Research Laboratory
Gillman, AndrewAir Force Research Laboratory
Hoelzle, DavidOhio State University
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA09.5 Add to My Program
Synchronization and Feedback Loop Integration of a Non-Real Time Microscopic Traffic Simulation with a Real-Time Driving Simulator Using Model Based Prediction

Maddipatla, Srivenkata Satya PrasadPennsylvania State University
Brennan, SeanThe Pennsylvania State University
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA09.6 Add to My Program
Biologically Inspired Collision Avoidance without Distance Information

Marinho, ThiagoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Amrouche, MassinissaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stipanovic, Dusan M.Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Cichella, VenanzioUniversity of Iowa
Hovakimyan, NairaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA09.7 Add to My Program
Forming 2D3D Operator Control for Ambiguous Image Environments

Islam, BipulStony Brook University
Liu, JiStony Brook University
Yezzi, AnthonyGeorgia Institute of Technology
Sandhu, RomeilStony Brook University
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA09.8 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Performance Bounds for Randomized Sensor Selection in Kalman Filtering

Calle, Christopher I.Michigan State University
Bopardikar, Shaunak D.Michigan State University
FrA10  Invited Session, Grand Salon 8 Add to My Program 
Modeling, Identification, Control, and Diagnostics of Batteries  
Chair: Soudbakhsh, DamoonTemple University
Co-Chair: Anderson, R. DycheFord Motor Company
Organizer: Dey, SatadruThe Pennsylvania State University
Organizer: Anderson, R. DycheFord Motor Company
Organizer: Soudbakhsh, DamoonTemple University
Organizer: Parvini, YashaClemson University
Organizer: Kim, YoungkiUniversity of Michigan - Dearborn
Organizer: Siegel, Jason B.University of Michigan
Organizer: Donkers, M.C.F.Eindhoven University of Technology
Organizer: Goshtasbi, AlirezaUniversity of Michigan
Organizer: Tang, ShuxiaTexas Tech University
Organizer: Lin, XinfanUniversity of California, Davis
Organizer: Perez, Hector E.University of California, Berkeley
Organizer: Choe, Song-Yul (Ben)Auburn University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA10.1 Add to My Program
Integrating Electrochemical Modeling with Machine Learning for Lithium-Ion Batteries (I)

Tu, HaoUniversity of Kansas
Moura, ScottUniversity of California, Berkeley
Fang, HuazhenUniversity of Kansas
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA10.2 Add to My Program
Data Optimization for Parameter Estimation under System Uncertainties with Application to Li-Ion Battery (I)

Lai, QingzhiUniversity of California, Davis
Kim, GeumbeeLG Chem
Joe, Won TaeBattery R&D, LG Chem
Lin, XinfanUniversity of California, Davis
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA10.3 Add to My Program
Ageing-Aware Charging of Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a Surrogate Model (I)

Khalik, ZuanEindhoven University of Technology
Bergveld, Hendrik JohannesEindhoven University of Technology
Donkers, M.C.F.Eindhoven University of Technology
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA10.4 Add to My Program
A LPV-MPC Inspired Battery SOP Estimation Algorithm Using a Coupled Electro-Thermal Model (I)

Araujo Xavier, MarceloFord Motor Company
Kawakita de Souza, Aloisio HenriqueUniversity of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Trimboli, MichaelUniversity of Colorado, Colorado Springs
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA10.5 Add to My Program
Promise and Challenges of a Data-Driven Approach for Battery Lifetime Prognostics (I)

Sulzer, ValentinUniversity of Michgian
Mohtat, PeymanUniversity of Michigan
Lee, SuhakUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Siegel, Jason B.University of Michigan
Stefanopoulou, Anna G.University of Michigan
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA10.6 Add to My Program
Detection and Isolation of Small Faults in Lithium-Ion Batteries Via the Asymptotic Local Approach (I)

Couto, Luis DanielUniversité Libre De Bruxelles
Reniers, JornUniversity of Oxford
Howey, David A.University of Oxford
Kinnaert, MichelUniv. Libre De Bruxelles
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA10.7 Add to My Program
Offline Multiobjective Optimization for Fast Charging and Reduced Degradation in Lithium Ion Battery Cells

Lam, FredricStanford
Allam, AnirudhStanford University
Joe, Won TaeBattery R&D, LG Chem
Choi, YohwanLG Chem
Onori, SimonaStanford Univeristy
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA10.8 Add to My Program
Online State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells: A Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Approach

Su, JiayiMarquette University
Schneider, SusanMarquette University
Yaz, EdwinMarquette University
Josse, FabienMarquette University
FrA11  Regular Session, Grand Salon 9 Add to My Program 
Model Reduction  
Chair: Wisniewski, RafalAalborg University
Co-Chair: Cescon, MarziaUniversity of Houston
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA11.1 Add to My Program
Mesh-Based Piecewise Affine Abstraction with Polytopic Partitions for Nonlinear Systems

Jin, ZeyuanArizona State University
Shen, QiangShanghai Jiao Tong University
Yong, Sze ZhengArizona State University
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA11.2 Add to My Program
Model Reduction by Moment Matching for Convergent Lur'e-Type Models

Shakib, FahimEindhoven University of Technology
Scarciotti, GiordanoImperial College London
Pogromsky, A. Yu.Eindhoven University of Technology
Pavlov, AlexeyNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Van De Wouw, NathanEindhoven University of Technology
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA11.3 Add to My Program
Model Reduction for Linear Switched Systems with Autonomous Switching

Petreczky, MihalyUMR CNRS 9189, Ecole Centrale De Lille
Leth, JohnAalborg University
Pedersen, RasmusAalborg University
Wisniewski, RafalAalborg University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA11.4 Add to My Program
A Physics-Based and Control-Oriented Model for Dielectric Elastomer Tubular Actuator

Kaaya, TheophilusUniversity of Houston
Wang, ShengbinUniversity of Houston
Cescon, MarziaUniversity of Houston
Chen, ZhengUniversity of Houston
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA11.5 Add to My Program
A Singular Value Thresholding Algorithm for Order Estimation

Al-Tawaha, Ahmad SJordan University of Science and Technology
Aljanaideh, KhaledThe MathWorks
Alshorman, AhmadJordan University of Science and Technology
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA11.6 Add to My Program
The Role of the State in Model Reduction with Subspace and POD-Based Data-Driven Methods

Iannelli, AndreaETH Zurich
Smith, Roy S.ETH Zurich
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA11.7 Add to My Program
On the Reduction and Localization of Synchronizing Supervisors

Vinicius Ribeiro Alves, LucasUniversidade Federal De Minas Gerais
Pena, Patricia N.Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA11.8 Add to My Program
Robust Adaptive Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Reduce Order Modelling of Partial Differential Equations

Kalur, AnikethUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Nabi, SalehMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
Benosman, MouhacineMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
FrA12  Regular Session, Churchill 1 Add to My Program 
Game Theory  
Chair: Park, ShinkyuKAUST
Co-Chair: Kizilkale, Arman C.Ecole Polytechnique De Montreal
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA12.1 Add to My Program
When Altruism Is Worse Than Anarchy in Nonatomic Congestion Games

Brown, Philip N.University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA12.2 Add to My Program
KL Divergence Regularized Learning Model for Multi-Agent Decision Making

Park, ShinkyuKAUST
Leonard, Naomi EhrichPrinceton University
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA12.3 Add to My Program
Game-Theoretic Approach to Decision-Making Problem for Blockchain Mining

Toda, KosukeOsaka University
Kuze, NaomiOsaka University
Ushio, ToshimitsuOsaka University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA12.4 Add to My Program
The Impact of Fairness on Performance in Congestion Networks

Ferguson, Bryce L.University of California, Santa Barbara
Marden, Jason R.University of California, Santa Barbara
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA12.5 Add to My Program
Decomposability and Parallel Computation of Multi-Agent LQR

Jing, GangshanNorth Carolina State University
Bai, HeOklahoma State University
George, JeminU.S. Army Research Laboratory
Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State University
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA12.6 Add to My Program
On the Volatility of Optimal Control Policies of a Class of Linear Quadratic Regulators

Mohan, AviTechnion
Mannor, ShieTechnion
Kizilkale, Arman C.Ecole Polytechnique De Montreal
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA12.7 Add to My Program
Optimal Tolling for Multitype Mixed Autonomous Traffic Networks

Lazar, DanielUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Pedarsani, RamtinUCSB
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA12.8 Add to My Program
Employing Altruistic Vehicles at On-Ramps to Improve the Social Traffic Conditions

Li, RuolinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Brown, Philip N.University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Horowitz, RobertoUniv. of California at Berkeley
FrA13  Invited Session, Churchill 2 Add to My Program 
Security & Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems II  
Chair: Ruths, JustinUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Co-Chair: Hosseinzadeh, MehdiWashington University in St. Louis
Organizer: Ruths, JustinUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Organizer: Hosseinzadeh, MehdiWashington University in St. Louis
Organizer: Krishnan, VishaalUniversity of California, Riverside
Organizer: Lucia, WalterConcordia University
Organizer: Murguia, CarlosEindhoven University of Technology
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA13.1 Add to My Program
Resilient Control in the Presence of Man-In-The-Middle Attacks (I)

Griffioen, PaulCarnegie Mellon University
Romagnoli, RaffaeleCarnegie Mellon University
Krogh, Bruce H.Carnegie Mellon Univ
Sinopoli, BrunoWashington University in St Louis
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA13.2 Add to My Program
Towards Optimal Attacks on Reinforcement Learning Policies (I)

Russo, AlessioKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Proutiere, AlexandreKTH
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA13.3 Add to My Program
Optimal Dynamic Load-Altering Attacks against Power Systems (I)

Katewa, VaibhavIndian Institute of Science Bangalore
Pasqualetti, FabioUniversity of California, Riverside
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA13.4 Add to My Program
Fundamental Limits of Obfuscation for Linear Gaussian Dynamical Systems: An Information-Theoretic Approach (I)

Fang, SongNew York University
Zhu, QuanyanNew York University
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA13.5 Add to My Program
Resource Constrained Sensor Attacks by Minimizing Fisher Information (I)

Ziemann, IngvarKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sandberg, HenrikKTH Royal Institute of Technology
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA13.6 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Probabilistic Anomaly Detection for Electricity Market under Cyber Attacks (I)

Sun, MucunUnited Technologies Research Center
Ren, LingyuReytheon Technologies Research Center
Chiang, Nai-YuanUnited Technologies
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA13.7 Add to My Program
Deterministic Privacy Preservation in Static Average Consensus Problem

Esteki, Amir-SalarUniversity of California, Irvine
Kia, Solmaz S.University of California Irvine (UCI)
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA13.8 Add to My Program
Smoothing-Averse Control: Covertness and Privacy from Smoothers

Molloy, Timothy L.University of Melbourne
Nair, Girish N.University of Melbourne
FrA14  Regular Session, Churchill 3 Add to My Program 
Networked Control  
Chair: Abdollahi Biron, ZoleikhaUniversity of Florida
Co-Chair: Lucia, WalterConcordia University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA14.1 Add to My Program
Locally-Aware Constrained Games on Networks

Peng, GuanzeNew York University
Li, TaoNew York University
Liu, ShutianNew York University
Chen, JuntaoFordham University
Zhu, QuanyanNew York University
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA14.2 Add to My Program
Optimal Data Rate Allocation for Dynamic Sensor Fusion Over Resource Constrained Communication Networks

Jung, HyunhoThe University of Texas at Austin
Tanaka, TakashiUniversity of Texas at Austin
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA14.3 Add to My Program
Measurement Unknown Delay Estimation in Cyber Physical Systems: A PDE Approach

A.Biroon, RoghiehClemson University
Abdollahi Biron, ZoleikhaUniversity of Florida
Pisu, PierluigiClemson University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA14.4 Add to My Program
Distributed Two-Time-Scale Methods Over Clustered Networks

Pham, Van ThiemUniversity of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Doan, Thinh T.Virginia Tech
Nguyen, Dinh HoaKyushu University
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA14.5 Add to My Program
Resilience and Detection of Cyber-Physical Systems to Covert Attacks by Exploiting Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

Fauser, MoritzTechnische Universität Kaiserslautern
Zhang, PingUniversity of Kaiserslautern
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA14.6 Add to My Program
Intrusion Detection System Configuration under Asymmetric Information

Feng, YuZhejiang University of Technology
Shou, YuhangZhejiang University of Technology
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA14.7 Add to My Program
Path Planning for a Network of Robots with Distributed Multi-Objective Linear Programming

Thapliyal, OmanshuPurdue University
Hwang, InseokPurdue University
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA14.8 Add to My Program
Covert Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems

Abdelwahab, AhmedConcordia University
Lucia, WalterConcordia University
Youssef, AmrConcordia University
FrA15  Regular Session, Churchill 4 Add to My Program 
Predictive Control II  
Chair: Coogan, SamuelGeorgia Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Mobayen, SalehNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA15.1 Add to My Program
LMI-Based State Feedback Design for Quadcopter Optimal Path Control and Tracking

Rahmani, FarshidUniversity of Zanjan
Rahmani, RezaUniversity of Zanjan
Mobayen, SalehNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Fekih, AfefUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA15.2 Add to My Program
Improving Machine Learning Modeling of Nonlinear Processes under Noisy Data Via Co-Teaching Method

Wu, ZheUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Rincon, DavidUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Luo, JunweiUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Christofides, Panagiotis D.Univ. of California at Los Angeles
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA15.3 Add to My Program
Optimal Trajectory Planning and Model Predictive Control of Underactuated Marine Surface Vessels Using a Flatness-Based Approach

Lutz, MaxKiel University
Meurer, ThomasKiel University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA15.4 Add to My Program
Improving the Fidelity of Mixed-Monotone Reachable Set Approximations Via State Transformations

Abate, MatthewGeorgia Institute of Technology
Coogan, SamuelGeorgia Institute of Technology
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA15.5 Add to My Program
Analog Solver for Embedded Model Predictive Control with Application to Quadruple Tank System

Adegbege, Ambrose AdebayoThe College of New Jersey
Bruno, Joseph NicholasThe College of New Jersey
khajanchi, Hussain IdrisThe College of New Jersey
Moran, Francis DonaldThe College of New Jersey
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA15.6 Add to My Program
A Framework for Predictive Control of Sampled-Data Systems Using Sporadic Model Approximation

Yang, LixingUniversity of South Carolina
Dauchert, SamuelUniversity of South Carolina
Wang, XiaofengUniversity of South Carolina
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA15.7 Add to My Program
Sampled-Data Output-Feedback Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Plants Using Online Linear System Identification

Nguyen, Tam WillyUniversity of Toyama
Kolmanovsky, Ilya V.The University of Michigan
Bernstein, Dennis S.Univ. of Michigan
FrA16  Regular Session, Churchill 5 Add to My Program 
Cooperative Control  
Chair: Thein, May-WinUniversity of New Hampshire
Co-Chair: Meng, XiangyuLouisiana State University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA16.1 Add to My Program
Cooperative Containment of a High-Speed Evader

Garcia, EloyAir Force Research Laboratory
Bopardikar, Shaunak D.Michigan State University
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA16.2 Add to My Program
Sub-Optimal Consensus Control Design for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Theta-D Approximation Algorithm

Yao, JieMissouri University of Science and Technology
Xin, MingUniversity of Missouri
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA16.3 Add to My Program
Distributed Event-Based Consensus Control for an Asynchronous Multi-Agent System with Sensor Measurement Delays, Event-Detecting Delays and Communication Delays

Mu, BingxianUniversity of New Hampshire
Thein, May-WinUniversity of New Hampshire
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA16.4 Add to My Program
Effective Dynamic Coverage Control for Heterogeneous Driftless Control Affine Systems

Gao, SongqunThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Kan, ZhenUniversity of Science and Technology of China
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA16.5 Add to My Program
Herding an Adversarial Swarm in Three-Dimensional Spaces

Zhang, WeifanUniversity of Michigan, the Department of Robotics
Chipade, Vishnu S.University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Panagou, DimitraUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA16.6 Add to My Program
Consensus Control of High-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Delayed Feedback and Matched Disturbances

Guo, ShaopanLouisiana State University
Meng, XiangyuLouisiana State University
Sun, XinmiaoUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA16.7 Add to My Program
Distributed Cooperative Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems in DC Microgrids

Meng, TingyangUniversity of Virginia
Lin, ZongliUniversity of Virginia
Shamash, YacovSUNY
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA16.8 Add to My Program
Collaborative Target Tracking in Elliptic Coordinates: A Binocular Coordination Approach

Chang, YuanNational University of Defense Technology
Sun, ZhiyongEindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Zhou, HanNational University of Defense Technology
Wang, XiangkeNational University of Defense Technology
Shen, LinchengNational University of Defense Technology
HU, TianjiangSun Yat-Sen University
FrA17  Tutorial Session, Churchill 6 Add to My Program 
NSF CAREER Awardees - Emerging Research in Control Systems  
Chair: Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State University
Co-Chair: Wunsch, Donald C.Missouri University of Science and Technology
Organizer: Baheti, RadhakisanNational Science Foundation
Organizer: Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State University
10:15-12:15, Paper FrA17.1 Add to My Program
NSF CAREER Awardees - Emerging Research in Control Systems (I)

Baheti, RadhakisanNational Science Foundation
Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State University
FrA18  Regular Session, Marlborough A Add to My Program 
Optimal Control and Applications  
Co-Chair: Lobo Pereira, FernandoPorto University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA18.1 Add to My Program
Convex Q Learning

Lu, FanUniversity of Florida
Mehta, Prashant G.Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meyn, Sean P.Univ. of Florida
Neu, GergelyINRIA Lille -- Nord Europe
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA18.2 Add to My Program
Optimal Control of a Soft CyberOctopus Arm

Wang, TixianUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Halder, UditUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Chang, Heng-ShengUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Gazzola, MattiaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mehta, Prashant G.Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA18.3 Add to My Program
Recovery-Matrix Inverse Optimal Control for Deterministic Feedforward-Feedback Controllers

Parsapour, MahsaUniversity of Waterloo
Kulic, DanaUniversity of Waterloo
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA18.4 Add to My Program
A Failure Mode Reconfiguration Strategy Based on Constraint Admissible and Recoverable Sets

Li, HuayiUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kolmanovsky, Ilya V.The University of Michigan
Girard, AnouckUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA18.5 Add to My Program
Regret-Optimal Controller for the Full-Information Problem

Sabag, OronCaltech
Goel, GautamCaltech
Lale, SahinCaltech
Hassibi, BabakCaltech
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA18.6 Add to My Program
Time-Optimal Multi-Stage NMPC for In-Cycle Control of Free-Piston Linear Generators

Keller, MartinRWTH Aachen University
Abel, DirkRWTH Aachen University
Albin, ThivaharanRWTH Aachen University, Institute of Automatic Control
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA18.7 Add to My Program
Design of Positive Position Feedback Controllers for Collocated Systems

Vaniya, VishalakshiIIT Madras
Khare, SwanandIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Moheimani, S.O. RezaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Bhikkaji, BharathIIT-Madras
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA18.8 Add to My Program
Necessary Conditions of Optimality in the Gamkrelidze’s Form for General Dynamic Control Systems with State and Mixed Constraints

Lobo Pereira, FernandoPorto University
T. Khalil, NathalieUniversidade Do Porto
FrA19  Regular Session, Marlborough B Add to My Program 
Stability of Nonlinear Systems  
Chair: Mallada, EnriqueJohns Hopkins University
Co-Chair: Borja, PabloUniversity of Groningen
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA19.1 Add to My Program
Approximate Stability Conditions for Systems with Input Delay and Digital PI/PID Controller of Time Delay Control Form

Reddy, Suresh B.Caterpillar Inc
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA19.2 Add to My Program
A Strict Smooth Lyapunov Function and Input-To-State Stability of SIR Model

Ito, HiroshiKyushu Institute of Technology
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA19.3 Add to My Program
Saddle Flow Dynamics: Observable Certificates and Separable Regularization

You, PengchengJohns Hopkins University
Mallada, EnriqueJohns Hopkins University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA19.4 Add to My Program
Feedback Stabilization and Output Tracking for Discrete-Time Lipschitz Nonlinear Systems Via Iterative Convex Approximations

Nugroho, Sebastian AdiThe University of Texas at San Antonio
Vishnoi, SuyashThe University of Texas at Austin
Taha, AhmadThe University of Texas at San Antonio
Claudel, Christian G.UT Austin
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA19.5 Add to My Program
Construction of Periodic Counterexamples to the Discrete-Time Kalman Conjecture

Seiler, PeterUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Carrasco, JoaquinUniversity of Manchester
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA19.6 Add to My Program
Strong Integral Input-To-State Stability in Dynamical Flow Networks

Nilsson, GustavGeorgia Institute of Technology
Coogan, SamuelGeorgia Institute of Technology
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA19.7 Add to My Program
Linear-Threshold Dynamics for the Study of Epileptic Events

Celi, FedericoUniversity of California, Riverside
Allibhoy, AhmedUniversity of California, San Diego
Pasqualetti, FabioUniversity of California, Riverside
Cortes, JorgeUniversity of California, San Diego
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA19.8 Add to My Program
Tuning Rules for a Class of Passivity-Based Controllers for Mechanical Systems

Chan-Zheng, CarmenUniversity of Groningen
Borja, PabloUniversity of Groningen
Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.University of Groningen
FrA20  Regular Session, Chequers Add to My Program 
Formal Verification/Synthesis  
Chair: Xue, BaiInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Co-Chair: Mehdipour, NoushinBoston University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA20.1 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Planning with Preferences Over Temporal Goals

Fu, JieWorcester Polytechnic Institute
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA20.2 Add to My Program
An Enhanced Hierarchy for (robust) Controlled Invariance

Anevlavis, TzanisUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Liu, ZexiangUniversity of Michigan
Ozay, NecmiyeUniv. of Michigan
Tabuada, PauloUniversity of California at Los Angeles
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA20.3 Add to My Program
Minimum-Violation Planning for Autonomous Systems: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

Wongpiromsarn, TichakornIowa State University
Slutsky, KonstantinIowa State University
Frazzoli, EmilioETH Zürich
Topcu, UfukThe University of Texas at Austin
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA20.4 Add to My Program
Control Synthesis Using Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Integral and Derivative Predicates

Buyukkocak, Ali TevfikUniversity of Minnesota
Aksaray, DeryaUniversity of Minnesota
Yazicioglu, YasinUniversity of Minnesota
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA20.5 Add to My Program
Reach-Avoid Analysis for Stochastic Discrete-Time Systems

Xue, BaiInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Li, RenjueInstitute of Software, CAS
Zhan, NaijunInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fränzle, MartinCarl Von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA20.6 Add to My Program
High Order Control Lyapunov-Barrier Functions for Temporal Logic Specifications

Xiao, WeiBoston University
Belta, CalinBoston University
Cassandras, Christos G.Boston University
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA20.7 Add to My Program
Synthesis of Run-To-Completion Controllers for Discrete Event Systems

Abd Alrahman, YehiaUniversity of Gothenburg
Braberman, VictorUniversidad De Buenos Aires
D'Ippolito, NicolásUniversidad De Buenos Aires
Piterman, NirUniversity of Gothenburg
Uchitel, SebastiánUniversidad De Buenos Aires
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA20.8 Add to My Program
Specifying User Preferences Using Weighted Signal Temporal Logic

Mehdipour, NoushinBoston University
Vasile, Cristian IoanLehigh University
Belta, CalinBoston University
FrA21  Regular Session, Prince of Wales Add to My Program 
Linear Parameter-Varying Systems  
Chair: Leite, Valter J. S.CEFET/MG - Campus Divinopolis
Co-Chair: Ichalal, DalilIBISC-Lab, Univ Evry, Paris Saclay University
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA21.1 Add to My Program
Optimal Input Design for Active Fault Estimation of LPV Systems under Set-Theoretic Framework

Tan, JunboTsingahu University
Xu, FengTsinghua University
Min, BoTsinghua University
Wang, XueqianTsinghua University
Yang, WenmingTsinghau University
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA21.2 Add to My Program
Scaled Small-Gain Approach to Robust Control of LPV Systems with Uncertain Varying Delay

Tasoujian, ShahinUniversity of Houston
Salavati, SaeedUniversity of Houston
Grigoriadis, Karolos M.Univ. of Houston
Franchek, Matthew A.University of Houston
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA21.3 Add to My Program
A New Approach for Quasi-LPV Modeling and State-Feedback Control of Nonlinear Systems with Application on a 5-DOF Pendulum

das Neves, GabrielUniversity of São Paulo
Toriumi, FabioPolytechnic School of University of São Paulo
Angelico, BrunoUniversity of Sao Paulo
Oliveira, Ricardo C. L. F.University of Campinas - UNICAMP
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA21.4 Add to My Program
Regional Polyquadratic Stabilization of Discrete-Time LPV Systems under Magnitude and Rate Saturating Actuators

Oliveira, Lucas Arantes LemosCEFET-MG
Barbosa, Marcus V. C.CEFET-MG
Silva, Luís F. P.CEFET-MG
Leite, Valter J. S.CEFET/MG - Campus Divinopolis
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA21.5 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Robust LPV Control

Evangelisti, Luca LucianoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Pusch, ManuelGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA21.6 Add to My Program
Robust Actuator Fault Diagnosis for LPV Systems: Application to Quadrotor

ABOUSELIMA, EslamUniversity of Évry Val D'Essonne
Ichalal, DalilIBISC-Lab, Univ Evry, Paris Saclay University
Mammar, SaidUniversité d'Evry IBISC
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA21.7 Add to My Program
A Generalized Sector Condition Approach to Observer-Based Control of Input-Delay LPV Systems under Saturation and Matched Disturbances

Salavati, SaeedUniversity of Houston
Grigoriadis, Karolos M.Univ. of Houston
Franchek, Matthew A.University of Houston
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA21.8 Add to My Program
Automatic Glucose Control During Meals and Exercise in Type 1 Diabetes: Proof-Of-Concept in Silico Tests Using a Switched LPV Approach

Colmegna, Patricio HernanUniversity of Virginia
Bianchi, FernandoInstituto Tecnológico De Buenos Aires - CONICET
Sanchez-Pena, Ricardo S.Instituto Tecnológico De Buenos Aires (ITBA) & CONICET
FrA22  Regular Session, Eglinton Winton Add to My Program 
Adaptive Control and Applications II  
Chair: Liu, WeiThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co-Chair: Khan, FaisalMemorial University of Newfoundland
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA22.1 Add to My Program
Batched Learning in Generalized Linear Contextual Bandits with General Decision Sets

Ren, ZhimeiStanford University
Zhou, ZhengyuanNew York University
Kalagnanam, Jayant R.IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA22.2 Add to My Program
Dynamic Risk-Based Fault Prediction of Chemical Processes Using Online Sparse Model Identification

Bhadriraju Venkata Naga Sai, BhavanaTexas A&M University, College Station
Kwon, JosephTexas A&M University
Khan, FaisalMemorial University of Newfoundland
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA22.3 Add to My Program
Decomposition Multi-Objective Optimization Method Based on Dynamic Weight Adjustment for Infrared Thermal Image Defect Feature Adaptive Extraction Method

Lei, GuangyuSchool of Automation Engineering, University of Electronic Scien
Yin, ChunUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Huang, XuegangAerodynamics Institute, China Aerodynamics Research and Developm
Dadras, SaraCompany
Dadras, SoodehUtah State University
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA22.4 Add to My Program
Learning to Control Using a Convex Combination of Controllers

Ramesh Kumar, AthindranPrinceton University
Ramadge, Peter J.Princeton Univ
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA22.5 Add to My Program
Adaptive Bid Shading Optimization of First-Price Ad Inventory

Karlsson, NiklasVerizon Media
Sang, QianVerizon Media
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA22.6 Add to My Program
Adaptive Control of Soft Robots Based on an Enhanced 3D Augmented Rigid Robot Matching

Trumic, MajaUniversity of Belgrade
Della Santina, CosimoTU Delft
Jovanovic, KostaUniversity of Belgrade
Fagiolini, AdrianoUniversity of Palermo
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA22.7 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Gradient Algorithm for Linear Regression with Hybrid Signals

Saoud, AdnaneCentraleSupélec
MAGHENEM, Mohamed AdleneUniversity of California Santa Cruz
Sanfelice, Ricardo G.University of California at Santa Cruz
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA22.8 Add to My Program
Event-Triggered Exponential Practical Tracking for Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems

Liu, WeiSouth China University of Technology
Huang, JieThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
FrA23  Regular Session, Cambridge Add to My Program 
Control Applications II  
Chair: Majji, ManoranjanTexas A&M University
Co-Chair: Li, ZhijunUSTC
10:15-10:30, Paper FrA23.1 Add to My Program
Receding Horizon Control Based Motion Planning with Partially Infeasible LTL Constrains

CAI, MINGYUThe University of Iowa
Peng, HaoApex.AI INC
Li, ZhijunUSTC
Gao, HongboUniversity of Science and Technology of China
Kan, ZhenUniversity of Science and Technology of China
10:30-10:45, Paper FrA23.2 Add to My Program
Optimal Actuator/Sensor Precision for Covariance Steering with Soft Convex Constraints on State and Control

Goyal, RamanTexas A&M University
Majji, ManoranjanTexas A&M University
skelton, robertTamu
10:45-11:00, Paper FrA23.3 Add to My Program
Regression Optimization for System-Level Production Control

Phan, DzungIBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Nguyen, LamIBM Research
Murali, PavankumarIBM Research
Pham, NhanUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Liu, HongshengUniversity of North Carolina
Kalagnanam, Jayant R.IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
11:00-11:15, Paper FrA23.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Task-Invariant Energetic Control for a Knee-Ankle Exoskeleton

Lin, JianpingUniversity of Michigan
Divekar, NikhilThe University of Texas at Dallas
Lv, GeClemson University
Gregg, Robert D.University of Michigan
11:15-11:30, Paper FrA23.5 Add to My Program
Robust Path Planning and Control for Polygonal Environments Via Linear Programming

Bahreinian, MahrooBoston University
Aasi, ErfanBoston University
Tron, RobertoBoston University
11:30-11:45, Paper FrA23.6 Add to My Program
Inferential Model Predictive Control of Blow-Line Fiber Morphology in a Continuous Pulp Digester Via Multiscale Modeling

Choi, Hyun-KyuTexas A&M University
Son, Sang HwanTexas A&M University
Kwon, JosephTexas A&M University
11:45-12:00, Paper FrA23.7 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators in DC Microgrids

Herrera, LuisUniversity at Buffalo
Miller, ChadAir Force Research Laboratory
Tsao, Bang-HungUniversity of Dayton Research Institute
12:00-12:15, Paper FrA23.8 Add to My Program
Source Seeking in Unknown Environments with Convex Obstacles

Angelico, BrunoUniversity of Sao Paulo
Chamon, Luiz F. O.University of Pennsylvania
Paternain, SantiagoRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ribeiro, AlejandroUniversity of Pennsylvania
Pappas, George J.University of Pennsylvania




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