2020 American Control Conference July 1 - 3   ▹   Denver, CO, USA
2020 American Control Conference
July 1-3, 2020, Denver, CO, USA

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Last updated on July 1, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday June 30, 2020

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TuWT1  Tutorial Session, Workshops Add to My Program 
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.1 Add to My Program
W1: System Modeling and Control with Smooth Fuzzy Compositions

Sadjadi, Ebrahim NavidCarlos III
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.2 Add to My Program
W2: Secure State Estimation and Control of Cyber Physical Systems: An Unknown Input Observer Approach

Hui, StefenSan Diego State University
Zak, Stanislaw H.Purdue Univ
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.3 Add to My Program
W3: Current Topics in Aerospace Control

Hull, Richard A.Collins Aerospace
Hovakimyan, NairaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Qu, ZhihuaUniv. of Central Florida
Kolmanovsky, Ilya V.The University of Michigan
Hussain, HeatherMIT
Cichella, VenanzioUniversity of Iowa
Panagou, DimitraUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Sanyal, AmitSyracuse University
Ridgely, D. BrettRaytheon Missile Systems
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.4 Add to My Program
W5: Practical Methods for Real World Control Systems

Abramovitch, Daniel Y.Agilent Technologies
Andersson, Sean B.Boston University
Buhr, CraigThe MathWorks
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.5 Add to My Program
W6: Confluence of Vision and Control

Dani, AshwinUniversity of Connecticut
Gans, NicholasUniversity of Texas at Arlington
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.6 Add to My Program
W7: Exploring Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Function Spaces: A Unifying Presentation of Dynamics Mode Decomposition and Occupation Measures

Kamalapurkar, RushikeshOklahoma State University
Rosenfeld, Joel A.University of South Florida
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.7 Add to My Program
W8: Extremum Seeking Control in Biomedical Applications

Gans, NicholasUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Kumar, SauravUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Gregg, Robert D.University of Michigan
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT1.8 Add to My Program
W9: Task-Oriented Autonomous Vehicular And/or Manufacturing Operations

Chen, XiangUniversity of Windsor
Farrell, Jay A.University of California Riverside
Lee, Kok-MengGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Institute of Technology
TuWT2  Special Session, Meetings Add to My Program 
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT2.1 Add to My Program
Meeting: Board of Governors (from 12Noon to 5pm)

Cortes, JorgeUniversity of California, San Diego
07:00-18:00, Paper TuWT2.2 Add to My Program
Meeting: ASME DSCD ExComm Meeting (from 1.30pm to 5.30pm)

Yi, JingangRutgers University
TuP1  Plenary Session, Ballroom 1 Add to My Program 
Control Challenges for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave
Observatory (LIGO)
Chair: Borrello, Michael A.Philips Healthcare
18:15-19:15, Paper TuP1.1 Add to My Program
Control Challenges for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)

Coyne, DennisCaltech




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